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Dragons on the Hill Role playing club - Central London:
We’re now at our new location of The Kings Stores pub (on the corner of Widegate Street and Sandy’s Row - nearest tube is Liverpool Street ) in the upstairs Function room.

For more information (and a map) then see / or contact PJ on 07766243138.

Times: We currently meet every Wednesday between the times of 6 - 11 pm to play a variety of role playing games.
Games played include: Call of Cuthulu, AD&D, Shadowrun, RuneQuest, Warhammer, Judge Dredd, Star Wars and others. It all depends upon who chooses to run things and whether there are enough players to make a game worthwhile.

Costs: No charge for membership, but you have to be of legal drinking age to be a member. - Dated Nov 2006


We have been meeting every Wednesday night between 6.30pm and 11pm for over 20 years!

Games players over 16 years please.

Lakeside TA, Basement, 67 Lakeside Road, Shepherds Bush, W14.

We play a wide variety of War and Role Playing Games including Warhammer Fantasy Battle, D&D 3.5, HeroClix, Star Wars CMG, Axis & Allies, Star Wars SpaceFleet Battles, HorrorClix, Warhammer Epic, Mordheim, Flintoque, Slaughterloo, Silent Death, Rapid Fire, MechWarrior, HorrorClix. WFRP, Paranoia and many more. We are always willing to learn new games systems so if we do not mention your fave on the list please call.
We are very close to Shepherds Bush Green Tube Station and easy walk from Hammersmith.

If you would like to come and play then please just come down or give Richard a call on 07951 012310. We do not bite unless we are playing HorrorClix!

Shadow Warriors have been going for over 10 years and
meet 2-7 p.m. every Sunday (Room 1) and every third
Saturday (Room 3) at the Northfields Community Centre,
Northcroft Road, Northfields, West London. W13 9SS.

Nearest tube is Northfields (Piccadilly Line).

We play a variety of campaign length RPGs and are
always open to try any old/new role-playing systems
and are always looking for new players and GMs. We
also play board games and currently run a Formula De
tournament. We also play HeroClix, but no CCGs. Your
first two visits are free, so you can get a feel for
the club, the games being run and the players/GMs.

Our web site is

Wandsworth Association of Role Players (WARP)

We are based in Wandsworth and are a revival of the very successful club of the same name that ran in the 1990s

We are based at The Crane Inn, 14 Armory Way, Wandsworth, SW18 1EZ. Contact number is Wayne on 020 8874 2450 or 07786 480828

The club runs on Tuesday, 6-close

All pen and paper RPGs and CCG card games are welcome.

Our priority is RPGs though (we don't like to keep the GMs waiting :-) )

As it's a pub you need to be of legal drinking age. Don't bring your own food and drink

Central Wansdsworth is well connected to trains and buses and there is free parking nearby (but be careful not to park somewhere illegal)

Biggest and best club around?

RPG club in South West London - Richmond (SWT and District line links zone 4). We meet every Thursday from 7:30 til 11ish.
We currently meet in a pub 5mins from the station – which means that you must be 18 or older.

There are about 16 regular players. We normally split into 3-4 groups: DM plus 3-6 PC’s.
We play 3.5e DnD, although many of the other players also play other RPG/ cards on other nights. More campaigns are starting to use D20 Modern and HERO setting. There is also a Warhammer group - inc. BloodBowl.

We currently have 13 DMs who rotate, with campaigns and groups changing every few months.

If you would be interested in coming down and playing, please visit our message board -

I recommend you posting first, as then we can look to get you into a campaign for your first visit.
I am probably the best person to contact - Benn - via the boards.

South London Role-Playing Group If your interested in role-playing on a Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 7pm at a lovely pub in South East London (Catford) with a group of adult role-players (ages between 17 and 40 something) then check out our web space:

Roleplaying/Wargames Club Erith Kent

We are an informal club that meets on Thursday evenings at the Running Horses Public House in Erith. We play a mixture of roleplaying games and wargames, so if you'd like to visit please come along. For a sample of what we play please check out the RH Club website.

"North London Wargames Group"

We play on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.

All gamers and games welcome...

Play testers urgently needed...

Here's a link to our club website...

Western Warlords

We are an established group meeting on Thursdays in Ealing Village W5, about ten minutes from Ealing Broadway station and buses.  We play a variety of RPGs, and sometimes card/board games.  We are actively looking for even more amiable and sociable RPGers.  GMs are especially welcome!  We would also be interested in friendly, good-natured wargamers as we don't yet have any wargaming activities. 



Meetup Group:


We also have a Discord channel which is far more lively than the other platforms - details for this are on the ProBoard.

Get in touch with us via the contact form on the Western Warlords Blog.  Or email westernwarlords *at*

Added 17/01/2019

BUSH BASH - Shepherds Bush, London

Contact - Rob at or 07834 896019
Started May 2003

Open - Sundays 1pm to late (has been 4.30am)/ Tuesdays 7pm
Playing Area - A hall that will hold up to 30 players with heating

Location - Basement, 67 Lakeside Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W14 0DZ
Games Played - Miniatures (MechWarrior, Heroclix, D&D etc), CCG's (VS, Shadowfist etc) and Boardgames (Caylus, Puerto Rico, Bluff etc)
More details at -
Website -

*Staines Roleplaying*

We are a newly started group in Staines. We are looking for players. If
you are interested please get in touch. As the games may include mature
content over 18s preferred. Various games are available including
Heroquest, Runequest, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu and
many more.
Contact us at either of the addresses below;
Adrian at
Lisa at

The Canterbury Dragons

Based in Canterbury!

Whether you enjoy defeating evil cultists, listening to the music of a golden lute or taking a trip down the rabbit hole, then you are sure to enjoy Saturday night Dungeons and Dragons. Three outstanding adventures are taking place and we are always in need of adventurers new and old.

Please make sure to book with us, via our Facebook page or email.  

Added 10/12/2018

A D&D Role-playing group meets once in the week (normally Monday or Wednesday) 8-11PM in Yateley, on the Berkshire/Hampshire/Surrey border, near junction 4 of the M3.

It’s convenient for any Camberley, Wokingham, Reading, Aldershot, Farnborough etc. players local to the area.

We are currently moving to playing the excellent 3rd edition Ravenloft. We also play other settings from time to time.

Interested players should email for more information.

ESP Roleplaying Society

Covering Epsom, Southfields, *Purely, Croydon and all places in between. *(I think they probably mean Purley!)

Meet once a week on Thursday evenings, currently in South Croydon, but will be moving into Croydon shortly. Will most likely be using rooms in a pub so over 18’s only at the moment.

Just recently formed and part way into a 3.5e D&D campaign. Looking for further players of any experience.

Also will be running some CoC, Paranoia and anything else.

If you’re interested please e-mail me at


players wanted primarily for Axis and alllies boardgames ,but also possibility of Mutants and Masterminds Games.(Yeah these are really related I know)


Available monday tuesday or wednesday evenings.

New blood wanted for Milton Keynes based Live Action Roleplaying Games.

We currently have 2 Vampire: The Requiem Games (one independent and one affiliated to the CamarillaUK), one Vampire: The Masquerade game and a Demon: The Fallen game (both independent).

If you're interested or just want further info, please take a look at our website at or send me an email at

My name is Jack and I have just recently moved to London (Streatham). I am a reasonable, mature (27y), and easy-going (so they say) chap, and a long-time RPG fan. I also fancy all kinds of boad- and strategy games. I would love to join a group to carry on with my hobby. I am familiar with many RPG's and boardgames, but I am always keen to dive into new ones.

I am available on almost every weekend, plus on certain days during the week (this varies though). Should you like to see me within your bunch (or hear some more about me), please send me an e-mail on this address:

Best regards, Jack


I am interested in setting up a group for players in the Brent/Harrow area,
primarily for a Vampire: the Masquerade game (3rd ed) but any games would be
good really. If you would be interested in this please email me on (I am also on MSN at same address). Conversely, if
there are any other groups in the vicinity looking for an extra player,
please contact me also. Cheers, Jon.

We're the London Branch of the Isles of Darkness LARP society. We run World of Darkness games on the first Saturday of the month. They're parlour LARP games and we currently run Mage: The Awakening, Werewolf: The Forsaken and Changeling: The Lost. We welcome new players to our ongoing chronicle.

The society website is: and people can get in touch with the London group on

Added 15/01/19

Swiggers meets from 5:30-ish every Wednesday evening upstairs at the The Shipwright's Arms, 88 Tooley Street, SE1

London Bridge station, Tooley Street exit and past the London Dungeon.

(the other side of London Bridge station from where we used to meet!). to play board games.

Visitors are very welcome -- just turn up!

More information on our website:

  The Games Club Cannock

Roleplaying & Gaming in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Open Sundays from 6pm to 10pm

Under 18's £1.50 - 18+ £2.50 Subs Per Week (for room hire)

We are a friendly roleplaying and gaming club based at St Luke's Centre in Cannock. We play a variety of Roleplaying, CCG and Tabletop Wargaming systems. Board gamers are also more than welcome to come along too.
There is even a tuck shop for the hungry gamer!!

Our website is and you can email us at .

The Black Country Role Playing Society is a club based in Blackheath, West
We meet every Thursday from 7.30pm-11.30pm. We play any and all role
playing games and new members are always welcome. Club fees are £1 per week.
Drinks are available from a subsidised bar.

More information available from our website

Brighton & Hove based wargamers, roleplayers, historical gamers, CCG players and associated sci-fi / fantasy escapists should check out: - a varied and numerous group of 'adults' who play many different games; from D&D to Shadowrun to meeting in pubs and drinking too much... - on a similar vein to the Brightonroleplayers group, a group of people with about as much collective free time as someone with very little free time who like all sorts of games, from our self-made WW2 system to Battlefleet Gothic, Harpoon (sail-power sea battles) to Warhammer 40,000 and Bloodbowl.

Please do check us out!

Oli Wigham

Group Moderator

The club that used to play in The Old Coffee House in Beak street has now moved to:

The Ship Pub
68, Borough Rd,



We have a private room (non-smoking) and tables free if anyone would like to start a game there.

The beer and food is good, and the staff friendly.

Entrance is free as this pub does not charge.

Get in touch if you would like to start a new game there or come along
and get into one already running.



We are an established WoD group in the Romford, Essex area. Due to
circumstances we are looking for new players.

We meet at 2 every sunday for at least 4-5 hours. We have been left with
just 3 regular members and need at least another 2 or 3 members. We mainly
play Vampire: Dark Ages and Orpheus but are starting to play Demon.

If any of this interests you please email me

DnD club in Richmond, Surrey (SWT and District line links). We meet every Thursday from 7:30 til 11ish.
We currently meet in a pub on Richmond green – which means that you must be 18 or older.
We meet every Thursday 745pm til chuck out (11pmish)
There are about 10 regular players. We normally split into 2 groups: DM plus 4 PC’s, though we have had the odd tournament campaign with 8 PCs.
We play 3.5e DnD, although many of the other players also play other RPG/ cards on other nights. If you would be interested in coming down and playing please email

CONFRONTATION is the best tabletop ever?
But you actually don't know because there is no-one to play against?


CONFRONTATION actually IS the best tabletop EVER! - and this brand new,
CENTRAL LONDON BASED "Confrontation-Club" is going to prove it.
If we get enough gamers together, the plan would be to launch a small but
regular league.

If you're interested - even if you've just started to play or planing to
start - just let us know, we're more than glad to help:

Because - well, let's face it - we're desperate for other gamers...

Hi All, We are an experienced group currently playing in the Surrey area, Morden to be exact and need players. We are starting a new campaign in the Eberron setting of DnD3.5.

We play religiously, excuse the pun, on a sunday at 6.30 till 11. And Pizza Hut have us on special delivery!!!!!

We need players mainly, but if anyone can bring anything else to the table, all ideas greatly appreciated!!!!!

email me back on or call me on 07973985057

Are you looking for a D&D game?

I'm starting a campaign set in the new Eberron setting in October and need a few more players to round out the group.

Interested? Then drop me a line at and let me know a bit about you and the type of game you enjoy

The rough idea is to meet fortnightly on wednesday evenings in central London and one sunday a month.

Looking for a game in Manchester? Look no further! The critical miss gaming group are a bunch of 30 somethings who have got bored of the rigmaroles of the daily routine, and have escaped to the fast and furious world of the roleplaying game! ;)

Seriously, we are a bunch of 30 somethings out in west Manchester (near the Trafford Centre) who get together and have a good game (and a good laugh). We game when we can (usually Thursday nights), and when we’re not roleplaying, can usually be found socialising and having a good time somewhere else.

Games played include shadowrun, call of cthulhu, traveller, wheel of time, and anything else the group fancies. We also play a bunch of board and card games as time allows, and are just getting into confrontation (rackham miniature game).

Interested? Drop me an e-mail and I’ll pass on more details.


Very experienced (older) roleplayer looking to GM or play in Star Wars d20
campaign. Location: Hants/Wilts border north of Salisbury, east of
Stonehenge and West of Andover. Evenings can't be fixed due to shifts but
regular games are key.

Information is at or

DARTFORD Based role-playing group seeks extra players.

Meet every Friday night from 8pm - 11:30pm - currently playing 7th Sea, but open to all types of game.
Have played WHFRP, Deadlands, ADND, Nobilis, In Nomine, Vampire, Werewolf - change games every 6 months or so - but always come back to our favourite campaigns.

Call Lawrence on 07951 614851 anytime or email


Im a fellow veteran of Europa Universalis, and my gaming group is looking for a few more players for the next game of Medieval Diplomacy: War and Conquest, another great strategy game. You can check out the game and sign up at:

This is a Play-by-Email wargame, with turns once per week, and its completely free to play (no ads or anything either). All realms and units are historically accurate and faithfully depicted on the game map for the time period (circa 1320 AD). Its great!

To Horse!
Warchieftain Jarl Hakkon Thunderbeard V.
aka Andrew.

Any World of Darkness players in the Romford area?
Romford Vampire Society

This Live Action roleplay group is quickly expanding and will soon be looking for new players.
Players must be approved by Society managers, so please contact if interested.

E-mail me on: placing the words ROMFORD VAMPIRE SOCIETY in the subject title.

I am looking for 4-6 players to set up a 3rd ed. D&D club in Catford, SE London, to happen 1 evening a week bewteen 7-11 PM, anytime between Monday-Thursday (ideally Wednesday, but prepared to be flexible).

All ages are welcome. I am new to 3rd ed., but have roleplayed on and off for 20 years, so very enthusiastic. I'd be happy to play, or DM.

I also play all GW games: 40K, WHFB, BFG, Necromunda, WM, Mordheim.
Rob Hearn
Africa Policy Department
1 Palace Street
Extn. 1675

Brighton wargames club meets on Monday Evenings at the Brighthelm Center, which is a couple of minutes from Brighton station. We play Ancients (DBM and Warhammer), WWII, DBR, and Napoleonics (Shako). Games kick off at 6:30 and go on until 10pm. We charge 3 pounds per session which pays for the venue.

Directions: Exit Brighton station towards the sea front and take the 2nd turning on the left. Before taking the turning stand on the corner to confirm that you can see the Brighthelm center in large friendly letters.

DnD club looking for new members.

thursday 730 - 11pm
richmond, surrey

020 8241 3613

"The Knights of the Solent Roleplay Society are a free local roleplay group for the Hampshire area of England who meet Sundays from about 2pm in the Dolphin pub, Old Portsmouth. Please visit: for more info."

TAUNTON, SOMERSET. Small group meets every Sunday evening for Runequest experiences. Further players welcome. Contact Trevor Ellis 07866 764 054 or e-mail

On behalf of QMWSU WARSoc, I'd like to invite members to join us regularly on Wednesdays 2-11pm, all games played, providing there's interest. NUS ID helps but isn't vital. Also, we're looking for players for two live action games, Both are in house systems, London by Knight (Vampire) and The Maze (cross genre GURPS Live action, written by me) If you're interested, send mail to or, visit our homepage at Thanks!

Gamers Wanted. Star Wars RPG. Heroclix. 3rd Ed also played. Clapham/Waterloo Area. Contact Andy 0208 673 3172.

Any German type board/card game players in the Ealing (or West London) area? I'd like to join or start a group of regular adult players. Drop me a line at

Players/GMs wanted for new roleplaying group just started in Barnet, North London. Play a broad range of games, mostly at weekends, and always looking for new people to come along. Contact Phil on

'VEKN LONDON: The Vampire Elder Kindred Network (VEKN) is a volunteer support organisation for the Vampire: the Eternal Struggle card game. The VEKN London group meets on *most* Monday evenings at the King Edward VII pub in Stratford, east London (on Stratford Broadway opposite the shopping centre). We are interested in meeting players both young and old, both novice and experienced. We are also interested in buying or trading for unwanted VtES cards. If you are not local to London then we can put you in contact with other VEKN groups active around the UK. We will be at the national VtES event organised for Sat 2nd Sept at GenCon UK in Manchester. Either get in touch by mailing or look out for information on the web-site'

Hi! I'm Ron, Gamesoc's treasurer, and I'd like to introduce my society. We are (funnily enough) a reasonably large band of nutty gamers, based in SURREY, (Egham, if you want to be precise). We are always on the lookout for new blood, so if you're in the area, feel free to drop in. We have meetings every Monday (during term time) in Lec A, at Royal Holloway University, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey. We play anything you care to mention, and if we don't, you'll just have to run it! For more details, feel free to write to me at, or visit our website at Thanks!

Games Club in East London

The Phoenix Games Club now meets in the old restaurant behind the Black
Lion public house in Plaistow.

The full address is as follows:

The Black Lion 59-61, High St Plaistow London E13 0AD. The nearest London
Underground Station is Plaistow Station on the Hammersmith & City and
District lines. On leaving Plaistow Station, turn right down the High
Street, and continue onwards for about 200 metres; the Black Lion is on
the left-hand side of the road. The old restaurant can be reached
through an archway from the road, or just ask the bar staff where the
Gamers meet.

To see a map of the area, go to:

We play all kinds of games: RPGs, Board Games, CCGs, in fact practically
anything that anyone can be bothered to bring along. Meeting times are
from 7:00pm to 11:00pm on Thursdays, but people usually begin showing up
from about 6:00pm. We do charge a small attendance fee (£2 waged, £1
unwaged); this helps to pay for the room we're using (it *is* separate
from the rest of the pub, hence no loud music).

For further details, email us on: