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Create Biodiverse Habitats to attract life to your Coral Reef.
In AQUA, your starting point is a hot spot that gradually becomes surrounded by expanding coral formations. These corals serve as habitats for small marine animals. By fostering biodiverse habitats, you can then create ideal conditions for attracting the largest marine animals. AQUA plays over 17 r...... More
Released 13 February 2024
Munchkin: South Park
Munchkin Variant
Have yourself a time combining the fun of monster slaying and treasure hunting with the random antics of South Park in this Munchkin game! Take on the role of a new kid at South Park Elementary and equip yourself with Items such as Kenny's Throwing Star or Towelie, and acquire Allies like Butters St...... More
Released 21 March 2023
Munchkin: Scooby Doo (T.O.S.)
Scooby Based Munchkin Variant
You've got some work to do now, with a mix of unmasking monsters and treasure hunting in Munchkin Scooby-Doo! Take on the role of these teenage detectives or their best canine friend as you equip yourself with items such as a Chef's Apron or Treasure Map. Acquire vehicles like the Mystery Machine...... More
Released 16 January 2024
Venn (T.O.S.)
Place absurdist Cards in a Venn diagram to give Clues to your Teammates.
Your goal in Venn is to get your teammates to guess a secret code first. Twelve word cards will be laid out at random, and the code that the cluegivers see has three numbers on it from 1-12. Three large plastic circular overlays in yellow, blue, and pink are laid out on the table, with the circles ...... More
Released 09 August 2022

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