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Cyberpunk Red RPG Dice Set
Cyberpunk Red RPG Accessory
The world has collapsed, Corporations won and thrown their weight around. All that is left is a sense of style, your wire necessary for surviving and toys like guns and these dice set. That is your little helper on your way through Night City and remember, one roll can change all, even make you the...... More
Released 16 March 2020
RPG Starter Kit
All the Essential Props to start your RPG Journey!
You’re about to start playing RPG – and be the hero you always wanted to become! A Tabletop Role-Playing Game is a game where you play a certain role of your choosing. You’ll be a hero in a world full of challenges, you’re going to seek adventures, fulfill quests, find treasures, meet new friends, b...... More
Released 06 December 2022
The Witcher Dice Set: Geralt Silver Sword
The Witcher RPG Accessory
A blade for killing monsters. Inspired by The Witcher franchise, this dice set is dedicated to Geralt of Rivia — who wields a silver sword meant to slay certain monsters. The set contains 8 pieces; 7 polyhedral dice, and a metal coin with Geralt’s depiction, acting as a D2. Each die is painted bla...... More
Released 21 June 2022

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