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Bandido (T.O.S.)
Co-operative Mini Game
The game where cooperation and intuition catch the bad guy. A light-security prisoner is trying to escape through tunnels starting underneath his cell. Will you be able to join forces and cards to stop him? Bandido is a cooperative game of strategy and observation for the entire family. 1–4 Pl...... More
Released 06 August 2019
Bandida (T.O.S.)
Try to catch Bandida or help her to escape!
Ready to chase another gangster? Beware, a new prisoner is coming to town… But what will you choose? Will you play cops to prevent Bandida from escaping, or will you join the dark side to plan her escape? In this sequel to the best-selling Bandido, you’ll find everything you liked in the first...... More
Released 30 November 2021
Happy Bee
The fields are buzz-ing with happiness!
Happy Bee is the fourth game in Helvetiq's "Fun by Nature" eco-friendly collection. Each round, all players select their bee card(s) at the same time, then place them face down on the table in front of them. (The number of cards chosen varies with the round.) Once the cards are revealed, players ...... More
Released 28 July 2023
Hygge (T.O.S.)
Tidy up the house better than anyone else in the family.
Today we're having a party! But everyone's stuff is littered around the house, so before the guests arrive, we have to straighten up this place. Grandma and Grandpa will pitch in, too, but the guests might show up at any time. Try to quickly tidy up more stuff than anyone else. Can each family mem...... More
Released 21 March 2024
Reiner Knizia Helvetiq Pocket Collection Hand Management Cardgame
In the savanna, it’s the survival of the fittest. Every animal wants to be the first to drink but watch out! The elephant scares the rhino, and the rhino scares the mouse. But the mouse scares the elephant! What’s in the box? 64 cards One waterhole How to play: On your turn, ...... More
Released 01 May 2021
Kinoko (T.O.S.)
Roll the dice and swap mushroom cards to gather your family before the other players.
It’s time to pick some mushrooms! Roll the dice and gather 3 members of a mushroom family on your turn. Sounds easy, but you can only see other players cards and your decisions weigh on the dice. How to Play Each player secretly draws a colour card corresponding to a family of Mushrooms and...... More
Released 23 March 2022
Mada (T.O.S.)
Help lemurs collect prickly-pears.
In the desert prickly pears grow in abundance! With the help of the lemurs and scorpions, lay your cards wisely to collect more of the prickly pears than your opponents. But be careful, your risks will need to be calculated so you don’t get stung! What’s in the box? 60 Cactus Cards, val...... More
Released 01 December 2022
Collect the right cards to rule Valhalla.
Send your best Vikings into battle! Collect cards with the right characters from Norse mythology to make up your hand and surprise your opponents. In Odin, you want to empty your hand as quickly as possible, sending all your Vikings out into the world. The game lasts several hands, with each h...... More
Released 28 March 2024
Tucano (T.O.S.)
Collect the right fruits with the help of toucans!
Will you be the most gourmet bird? The forest is full of tasty fruits but be careful: some may not actually be that good for you… Harvest the best fruits and use toucan cards wisely to protect your collection… or to steal from your opponents! What’s in the box? 70 cards How to play: ...... More
Released 30 November 2021

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