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RESTOCK: At the heart of the Mediterranean, rival Cities seek wealth and glory
The most talented architects in ancient Greece stand ready to achieve this goal. Build housing, temples, markets, gardens and barracks, so you can grow your city and ensure it triumphs over the others. Raise its prestige with harmonious planning that conforms to specific rules, and enhance it by bui...... More
Released 09 December 2022
Critical Foundation
Investigate 2035 over nine 30-minute episodes in this guided Role Playing Adventure.
It's 2035, and the world has changed little. Huge multinationals have taken over, and nanotechnologies are part of everyday life. Icarus was created to respond to the new challenges that this new way of life brings. Its goal: Investigate sensitive cases and undertake delicate operations. Critical...... More
Released 14 December 2022

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