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Western Legends
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Fistful of Extras: Western Legends (T.O.S.)
Western Legends Expansion
Historic characters from the American Wild West face off and write new legends across the face of history! Gather your gun, your mount, and your grit as you forge your path into the history books. Fist Full of Extras is a Limited Quantity Expansion to the award-winning Western Legends. An open-wo...... More
Released 08 December 2020
Blood Money: Western Legends (T.O.S.)
Purchase Deeds and Legendary Items with new Characters!
To become a legend, it takes grit, cunning, and a little luck. Problem is, you ain't the only one looking to make a reputation for yourself. So you have to be willing to risk it all, every hard-earned dollar, every drop of blood, to write your name across the face of history. Blood Money is the s...... More
Released 11 January 2022
Western Legends (T.O.S.)
Open World Sandbox Western Tabletop Boardgame
Old west brought back to life. Wanted dead or alive! From the creative mind of Hervé Lemaître, players will enjoy a highly narrative and interactive experience, choosing a life of crime as a Wanted character or justice as a Marshal. Western Legends features historical characters from the Ameri...... More
Released 15 March 2019

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