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Wargames Rules 19th Century
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Tabletop Miniatures Rules for Adventures in the Heart of Africa
Congo is a miniature game that offers you to follow the footsteps of great explorers like Stanley and Livingstone and head out to the heart of Dark Africa, deep into the Basin of the great Congo River, which gave its name to our game . This new venture is primarily an adventure game, aimed at intre...... More
Released 11 August 2016
Picketts Charge
Wargames Rules for Battles in the American Civil War
Written by veteran game designer Dave Brown, Pickett’s Charge are an exciting and dynamic game with plenty of fast-paced action combined with a command and control system which is intuitive and simple to use, but nuanced and subtle enough to provide the gamer with interesting and testing command cha...... More
Released 09 November 2016

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