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Trail of Cthulhu RPG
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Armitage Files (T.O.S.)
Trail of Cthulhu RPG Adventures.
Formless Fears! The Armitage Files presents a boldly innovative way to generate blood-chilling adventures for your Trail Of Cthulhu investigators. Players seize on clues presented in the ten mysterious documents. They choose which leads to track down. The Keeper, using clearly broken down step...... More
Released 10 March 2010
Soliders of Pen and Ink (T.O.S.)
Trail of Cthulhu RPG Supplement
Soldiers of Pen and Ink is a Trail of Cthulhu campaign set in the dark heart of the Spanish Civil War A comrade is lost. Enemies surround you, and your fellow soldiers cannot be trusted. Can you rescue your friend while retaining your sanity? Madrid, 1936. The Investigators have come to Spain ...... More
Released 11 November 2014

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