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Terra Mystica
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Terra Mystica Automa Solo Box (T.O.S.)
Terra Mystica Expansion that Allows Solo Play
The Automa Solo Box is an expansion that allows you to play Terra Mystica alone. Play the base game or add one or both of the Fire & Ice and Merchants of the Seas expansions. 10 different Automa factions and various difficulty levels challenge you to prove your skills in the world of Terra Mystica...... More
Released 20 April 2022
Terra Mystica
Fantasy Economic Territory Building Strategy Boardgame.
In Terra Mystica, you represent a faction that wants to expand and build cities across the land. You must transform the terrain into a liveable surface for your faction. Everybody knows that Mermaids donít live in the mountains and that Dwarves donít really like the desert. As you build, your fac...... More
Released 12 June 2018
Merchants of the Sea: Terra Mystica (T.O.S.)
Terra Mystica Expansion
Sails appear on the horizon as the factions of Terra Mystica take to the rivers. Build shipyards, launch ships, and sail to distant lands to expand your territory and enjoy the benefits of commerce! Merchants of the Seas expands on the hit terraforming gameplay of Terra Mystica. Develop your fact...... More
Released 22 June 2020

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