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Stargrave: Quarantine 37
Stargrave Supplement
When it was commissioned, Imperial Research Station 37 was home to nearly 10,000 scientists and researchers working on a vast array of biological and chemical projects. Then, six months before the outbreak of the war, Station 37 went dark. No escape pods were launched and all attempts at communicati...... More
Released 01 October 2021
Stargrave: The Last Prospector
Stargrave Supplement
The second supplement for Stargrave offers a host of new scenarios and rules for gaining political backing as you fight across the ravaged galaxy. The Dahlgren Belt was once a vast asteroid mining operation that supplied the entire sector with rare metals and various elemental fuels. However, the...... More
Released 29 April 2022
Hope Eternal Stargrave
Stargrave Supplement
Stargrave: Hope Eternal. Take on the pirate fleets in this campaign for Stargrave, featuring full rules for playing the game solo or cooperatively. Since the end of the Last War, the great pirate fleets have roamed the ruins of the galaxy, pillaging, extorting, and enslaving. No one has had th...... More
Released 29 September 2022
Stargrave (T.O.S.)
Science Fiction Wargames in The Ravaged Galaxy
Stargrave. Science Fiction Wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy. In a galaxy torn apart by the Last War, vast pirate fleets roam from system to system, robbing, extorting, and enslaving. Amidst this chaos, thousands of independent operators - smugglers, relic hunters, freedom fighters, and mercenaries ...... More
Released 18 May 2021
Stargrave: Side Hustle (T.O.S.)
Stargrave Accessory
A 40-card deck of special missions, plots, and objectives from which players can draw to add extra intrigue to their games. The goal for most of the independent crews operating throughout the Ravaged Galaxy is that one big score that will set them up for life. Such scores are few and far between,...... More
Released 29 March 2023

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