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Stalingrad 42
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Stalingrad 42: Southern Russia from Case Blau to Operation Uranus (T.O.S.)
WWII Strategy Wargame of The Stalingrad Campaign
Stalingrad 42 is a division-level game on the Axis 1942 summer offensive towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Historically, this epic struggle lasted for 6 months and saw the Axis armies reach the Volga and the Caucasus Mountains. But Soviet resistance stiffened and final victory eluded the German...... More
Released 02 December 2019
Little Saturn and Winter Storm: Stalingrad 42
A Fifth Scenario with new Counters for Stalingrad '42
Little Saturn/Winter Storm adds a 5th scenario to Stalingrad '42 covering the period from December 14th through February 5th, 1943. The scenario starts with the Soviets launching a major attack against the Italians along the Don River while Manstein's Operation Winter Storm to relieve Stalingrad is ...... More
Released 25 October 2022

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