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Mini Rogue
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Mini Rogue: Depths of Damnation (T.O.S.)
Mini Rogue Expansion
The expansion Depths of Damnation presents a new card type: Lore cards, which allow the players to "choose their own story", offering an insight into the events and lore of the dungeon, and weave a narrative for players to discover game after game. It also includes new Room cards, three new Char...... More
Released 25 January 2022
Mini Rogue: Glittering Treasure (T.O.S.)
Mini Rogue Expansion
The set Glittering Treasure improves the game with 9 new cards, dedicated mainly to Bosses, the arch-enemies of the characters, introducing new challenges for the adventurers. It also includes a Reward card and the allure of gold - all the cards are produced with a glittering holographic foil effect...... More
Released 25 October 2022
Mini Rogue (T.O.S.)
Delve into a deep dungeon in order to get a mysterious ruby called the Og's Blood
Mini Rogue is a minimalist dungeon crawler board game in which one or two players delve into a deep dungeon in order to get a mysterious ruby called the Og's Blood. The players must choose how to spend their resources to be powerful enough to confront ever more difficult monsters and hazards. Ran...... More
Released 14 December 2021

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