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How Am I Weird
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How Am I Weird
A Game for The Weird and Wonderful
Do you like chicken dancing? Sleeping in a curtain? Licking your TV screen? Have you dated your dog? ‍HOW AM I WEIRD is a simple, fun party game for weird and wonderful people. How Am I Weird is a simple, fun party game to play with family and friends, in a group of 3 - 10. There are L...... More
Released 25 May 2022
How Am I Weird: SQUARE
Winner of the UKGE award for best party game! Stand Alone Expansion for the How Am I Weird Party Card Game
WINNER of BEST PARTY GAME 2023, How Am I Weird 'Square' contains 300 new cards and can be played as either a stand-alone or an addition to your How Am I Weird Original game!...... More
Released 09 June 2023

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