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Hail Caesar Rulebook 2nd Edition
Massed Battle Wargamming from the Biblical to Medieval Eras
War has been a constant throughout the history of mankind. From the first civilisations of Babylon and Egypt to the classical eras of Greece and Rome, and beyond to the medieval wars between England and France, ancient civilisations have massed thousands of soldiers to march against their enemies to...... More
Released 09 February 2023
Hail Caesar: Shield Wall
Supplement for Hail Caesar
A notoriously unstable and rebellious member of the Roman Empire, Britannia was thrown into bloody conflict as the Western Roman Empire began to crumble. Axe, spear and sword became the dominant currency for those vying for control of the kingdoms. Shield Wall is a supplement for Hail Caesar whic...... More
Released 06 April 2018
Romes Dacian Wars
Supplement for Hail Caesar Tabletop Ancients Rules
Fighting Trajan's invasion of Dacia with model soldiers At the end of the first century AD, the Roman Empire was the greatest military power the world had ever seen. All of Western Europe south of the Rhine and the Danube, southern Britain, North Africa, Egypt, the Balkans and most of the Levant ...... More
Released 28 March 2013
Britannia: Romes Invasion of Britain
Supplement for Hail Caesar Tabletop Ancients Rules
In 43AD Aulus Plautius led the Roman legions to the edge of the known world: to the mysterious land of the Britons. TheEmperor Claudius demanded a victory, and what better way of doing it than to bring this savage nation under the Roman yoke. Rome commanded huge armies of professional soldiers wi...... More
Released 17 August 2013
Hail Caesar: Germania
Supplement for Hail Caesar Tabletop Ancients Rules
This 56-page sourcebook, written by Neil Smith, chronicles the devastating blow suffered by the Romans in the Teutoberger Wald at the hands of the Germanic tribes led by Arminius. The battle, also known by the Romans as the Varian Disaster, saw the Germans ambush and destroy three Roman legions and ...... More
Released 09 June 2014
Ancient Greek Hoplites (42)
28mm Plastic Wargaming Miniatures
Another of the plastic sets revamped from the Immortal Miniatures range – this boxed set now has more models as one or two extras… The hoplite phalanx was one of the most formidable fighting formations of the ancient world, enabling the Greeks to dominate the battlefields of their homelands and m...... More
Released 23 January 2012

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