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Hack and Slash
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Hack and Slash (T.O.S.)
Choose a Quest for your Adventurers, roll the dice, and aim for fame.
In Hack & Slash, your guild of adventurers is ready for anything: battles, rescues, and the "liberation" of whatever pays the most. Choose a quest, and roll the dice! You may win fame, and even recruit a new comrade for your party or you may fail and slink back to the Tavern. Contents 21 Que...... More
Released 27 April 2021
Whack and Slash: Hack and Slash 2
Hack and Slash Expansion
Can your guild of adventurers handle MORE? In this expansion for Hack & Slash, you'll find 11 new quests and a new kind of reward Treasures! They can add to your fame or bend a rule for a future quest. And don't worry. If you fail, you can always Shop at Wiz-Mart to pick up a Treasure or two! ...... More
Released 31 January 2023

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