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Jaws of the Lion: Gloomhaven
RESTOCK: Vanquish Monsters with strategic cardplay in this 25-game Introduction to Gloomhaven
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is a standalone game that takes place before the events of Gloomhaven. The game includes four new characters Valrath Red Guard (tank, crowd control), Inox Hatchet (ranged damage), Human Voidwarden (support, mind-control), and Quatryl Demolitionist (melee damage, obstac...... More
Released 14 April 2023
Jaws of the Lion Removable Sticker Set and Map (T.O.S.)
Jaws of the Lion: Gloomhaven Accessory
Reset, replay, or resell your copy of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion with this set of high quality removable vinyl stickers and city map board from Cephalofair. Featuring non-transferring adhesive, these stickers can be removed without damaging or tearing components. Contains 30 vinyl, non-transfer...... More
Released 25 May 2021

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