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Epic Card Game
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Epic Card Game (T.O.S.)
Fast Paced Card Game of Fantasy Combat
Epic is a fantasy card game by White Wizard Games which aims to recreate the TCG-style experience from a single box, with no additional purchases required. Epic is a card game designed to start quickly but also to reward deep, strategic plays. In Epic, you take on the role of an elder god, in con...... More
Released 20 October 2015
Tyrants: Epic Expansion
Epic Card Game Expansion
Epic Card Game: Tyrants is an expansion for the Epic Card Game that's packaged in four non-random booster packs (Draka's Rage, Markus' Command, Helion's Deceit, and Raxxa's Revenge), with each booster pack containing twelve new game cards and a double-sided token. Helionís Deceit! Helion, the ...... More
Released 30 March 2016
Uprising: Epic Expansion
Epic Card Game Expansion Pack
Uprising is a set of four expansion packs for Epic Card Game, each with 13 non-random cards. Karkís Edict One of four Epic Uprising Expansion packs for the Epic Card Game. Captain Markusí tyrannical grip on the people of Covenant has sparked an uprising. With the city in chaos, Chamberlain ...... More
Released 24 January 2017
Epic Pantheon Elder Gods - Furios vs Maligus
Epic Card Game Booster Pack
Play as Furios, Father Nature or Maligus, the Dark One! The forests of Danabrae show their daily reverence to Furios, but the Dark One, Maligus, threatens the balance. When Father Nature summons, the world answers. Will that be enough against the encroaching destruction that follows in the footsteps...... More
Released 10 April 2018
Epic Card Game: Duels 2 Player Starter Set
Easy to learn Two Player starter set for Epic Card Game
Duels is an easy-to-learn two-player starter set. Itís perfect for new players, is a complete game on its own, and is fully compatible with all other Epic sets. Duels uses only four keywords and includes a step-by-step walkthrough for beginners. While it focuses on simpler gameplay, it is balanced w...... More
Released 09 November 2021
Epic Guardians Of Gowana
Two Player set for Epic Card Game
Guardians of Gowana is a two-player box set exploring the tropical supercontinent of Gowana, land of the Gods. A complete game on itís own, Guardians of Gowana may also be combined with other Epic sets to support more players. The box includes 60 all-new game cards, 34 token cards, score cards, ...... More
Released 09 November 2021
Epic Card Game: Ultimate Card Pack
Epic Card Game Expansion Pack
This pack features the same cards as the Epic Ultimate Storage Box. If you already have the box, add two copies of this pack to complete your Constructed collection (3 of every card). This pack contains 12 cards for use with Epic Card Game: Angelineís Avenger, Attack from the Clouds, Barbarian Bers...... More
Released 09 November 2021

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