Clash of Spears
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Clash of Spears
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CLASH of Spears
Rules for Skirmish Battles in Ancient Times
Rome rises and duty calls! So pick up your shield, brother, and join the fight! Whether you are changing history by blocking Dyonisus and his gang from taking over syracuse or you are just raiding the enemy's herds trying to keep your men fed, CLASH of spears will launch you into the gritty world of...... More
Released 08 March 2023
Rise of Eagles (T.O.S.)
Rise of Eagles is an expansion to Clash of Spears Miniature Wargames Rules
Rise of Eagles is an expansion to CLASH of Spears This book expands the forces available in the core book adding 13 new lists. The lists include the Late Republican Army ( post Marian Reform ), the Early Imperial Army and enemies that fought against these armies such as Thracians, Germans, Br...... More
Released 21 January 2022

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