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Goth Warriors
Imperial Rome at War 284-476 AD 30 Multi Part Hard Plastic 28mm Miniatures
FROM THE EAST, A CONQUERING HORDE… As the Romans tried to hold their Empire together, a new threat emerged from the East: the Goths! Fleeing the growing power of the Huns, these Germanic tribes became allies and enemies of Rome and eventually sacked the great city itself. This hard plastic set...... More
Released 29 March 2023
Citizens of Rome
30 Multi Part Hard Plastic 28mm Miniatures
Momento Mori... Amidst the grandeur of ancient Rome, a gritty underbelly thrived, where darkness and violence reigned supreme. In the labyrinthine alleys and bustling marketplaces, gangs emerged as formidable forces, their presence starkly contrasting the city's polished facade. These hardened me...... More
Released 24 April 2024
Skeleton Infantry Box Set
Mortal Gods Miniatures
RISING FROM THEIR GRAVES… They are the shades of the men of Sparta, Athens, Thebes, and Macedon. When a Necromancer plunders the coins meant for Charon, she can reanimate their remains and bind them to her will. Only by removing the skull from the body, or destroying the coins, may the warriors bre...... More
Released 05 June 2019
Foot Knights (1150-1320)
"Death to the Enemy!" Sons of noble birth, the knights of 12th and 13th century Europe were the kings of the battlefield. Heavily armed and armored, few could stand in their way. Vassal to a lord, each was paid for their service through land and other riches handed down to them by their liege via th...... More
Released 15 May 2024

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