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Chain of Command: Blitzkrieg 1940
WWII Skirmish Rules Campaign in France and the Low Countries in 1940
This 124 page handbook provides a comprehensive coverage of the campaign in France and the Low Countries in 1940. Included is an historical account of the campaign in the West, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the events of that summer. New theatre specific rules include Assault boa...... More
Released 26 September 2018
Chain of Command (T.O.S.)
WWII Skirmish Rules
Chain of Command are the revolutionary new wargames rules designed for platoon sized actions with some additional support. The rules are fast paced, exciting and fun, using the unique command and control system which presents the player with the battlefield decisions made by his historical counterpa...... More
Released 06 September 2013
Chain of Command Far East Handbook
A Handbook for Wargaming the Far East Theatre in WWII
The book is a page handbook that provides a comprehensive coverage of the campaigns in Malaya, Hong Kong, Burma and the Dutch East Indies. Included is an historical overview of the campaigns, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the events and terrain in the Far Eastern Theatre. The handb...... More
Released 23 May 2024
General d’Armee 2 Rule Set
Wargames Rules for Battles in the Napoleonic Wars
Designed by Dave Brown, this is the second edition of General d’Armee, a rule set designed for Divisional and Corps size actions in the Napoleonic period. Dynamic and fast-paced, General d’Armee uses the ADC command and control system seen in the first edition to put you in the shoes of the comman...... More
Released 20 March 2024
Infamy, Infamy!
Wargames Rules for large Skirmishes in the Ancient world. 60BC to 100AD.
Wargames Rules for large Skirmishes in the Ancient world. 60BC to 100AD. Comes with a free deck of Infamy, Infamy! cards ...... More
Released 04 September 2020
O Group Rule Set
Wargames Rules for Battalion Size Actions in WWII
‘O’ Group is a set of WWII battalion level rules designed for a player to command a battalion sized force plus supports, or a multiplayer game where each player can command a battalion as part of a larger battlegroup. The rules introduce some exciting command mechanisms that encourage the playe...... More
Released 11 May 2021
Strength and Honour
Wargames Rules for Epic Battles in the Ancient World
Strength & Honour is a fast-resolution Ancient wargame, playable on a relatively small surface using any scale of figures but with an emphasis on small scale miniatures which give the flavour of the huge battles of the Ancient World. The game allows you to recreate battles from the start of the M...... More
Released 29 April 2022
What a Cowboy
A Fun Game of Epic Gunfights in the Old West
What a Cowboy is a set of fun wargames rules for gunfight in the Wild West, ideally between four and ten figures a side. The rules are broken down into three sections. Firstly are the game rules which allow you to move, shoot and fight with your characters on the table. Secondly is the Character gen...... More
Released 28 April 2023
What a Tanker
Challenging and Fun Wargame Rules of WWII Tank Combat
What a Tanker! is a fun and fast game of WWII tank combat which focusses on the players taking command of one (or more) tanks and fighting their way through the battlefields of WWII. Quick to learn but eternally challenging, What a Tanker! challenges you to take the role of a tank commander and to ...... More
Released 25 April 2018

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