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Oriflamme (T.O.S.)
Award Winning Political Hand Management Cardgame
In Oriflamme, the players find themselves in the middle of a medieval feud over the French royal crown. The King is dead! Long live the King! As heads of influential families, the players strive to come to power with cunning and malice, power and strength, virtue and infamy. Their goal: the king's t...... More
Released 02 March 2020
A hidden Role game filled with Magic, Suspense, and Dreamy Worlds
You are a Shaman protecting the spirit worlds from the threat of the shadows since the dawn of time, but could the danger come from your own ranks? Will you be able to read through the schemes of your corrupted rivals and find yourself on the right side of this age-old struggle? Shamans try to re...... More
Released 25 August 2022
Co-operative Story Deduction Game in the Style of Agatha Christie
Suspects is a range of investigation games with streamlined rules and plots centered on the psychology of the characters in the style of Agatha Christie’s novels. The first opus, will feature the ingenious and fearless Claire Harper in three stories paying tribute to the great classics of detective ...... More
Released 10 February 2023

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