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Oceania Wingspan
Travel to Oceania to discover new birds (and more!) for your Wildlife Preserve!
Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. It's designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and features birds illustrated by Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez. In this second expansion to Wingspan, we feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. The Oceania bird...... More
Released 15 December 2020
Asia Wingspan
RESTOCK: This third expansion to Wingspan focuses on Birds in Asia
In this third expansion to Wingspan, we welcome new species to our habitats by exploring the vibrant, intriguing, and magnificent birds of Asia. These birds were chosen from the over 2,800 species that live in Asia. Wingspan Asia is several different things: A stand-alone game for 1 player or 2 p...... More
Released 09 December 2022
Build a Cavernous Sanctuary for Dragons of all shapes and sizes.
You are an amateur dracologist in the world of Wyrmspan, a place where dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colours roam the skies. Excavate a hidden labyrinth you recently unearthed on your land and entice these beautiful creatures to roost in the sanctuary of your caves. During a game of Wyrmspan,...... More
Released 29 March 2024
Upgrade Pack: Wyrmspan (T.O.S.)
Metal Coins and Wooden Resources for Wyrmspan
These 45 metal coins and 104 wooden resource tokens were designed specifically for Wyrmspan (the game includes cardboard tokens). All metal coins are identical, and there are 26 each of the resource tokens: meat, gem, gold, and milk....... More
Released 29 March 2024

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