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DreamQuest (T.O.S.)
Work together, adult and child, to complete the quest before the Dreamer awakens.
DreamQuest is a co-operative adventure game for two players ideally one adult and one child, who take on the roles of Protector and Dreamer. Together you are trying to complete a quest before the Dreamer awakens, choosing the path to follow, making decisions, fighting monsters, rolling dice, an...... More
Released 13 January 2023
Unlock Kids 2 Stories From the Past
From the best-seller Unlock! adapted for 6+ kids!
Second box of Unlock! kids with 6 new adventures in 3 different universes: Strolls through prehistory The secrets of Hatsheput, Queen of Egypt Welcome to Golden Town! Designed for the 6-10 years of age, no app, no rules to read! A game by Cyril Demaegd designed for kids by Marie & Wilfried Fort. ...... More
Released 12 December 2023

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