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Cutthroat Caverns: Anniversary Edition (T.O.S.)
Updated and Revised Version of the Award-Winning, infamous Boardgame of backstabbing goodness.
Without Teamwork, You?ll Never Survive.Without Betrayal, You?ll Never Win! Cutthroat Caverns, is a devious, semi-cooperative, emotionally-charged game of betrayal and “kill stealing” in a classic fantasy setting, where you decide how hard or light to strike to assure you land the killing blow. But ...... More
Released 14 October 2019
Nevermore (T.O.S.)
Card Drafting Hand Management Plotting and Backstabbing Cardgame
We know well the story of Poe's Raven. But what came before? Is it bird - or something more, forced to walk the earth in darkness evermore? You may yet learn the answer first hand. For in Nevermore, those who fall become transformed, turned to ravens, unable to win, as they struggle to regain the...... More
Released 23 June 2015
Specters of Nevermore
Nevermore Expansion
Summon the Never–Were. The lure of untold mystic power consumes you. Delving ever deeper into your fascination with Plutonian shores, you have summoned into service the eerie and powerful specters of Poe’s gothic horror characters. Armed with the powers of the ‘Never–Were,’ you intend to reign supre...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Beautifully Challenging Abstract Strategy Boardgame
SHOBU is a beautifully crafted abstract strategy game for two players. On your turn: 1. Move one of your stones up to two spaces in any direction, including diagonally. ? 2. Match that move with another of your stones on the opposite color board – and push an opponent’s stone off the board's...... More
Released 28 August 2019

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