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New Eden
Build an Underwater station to create a New Eden from the remnants of Civilisation.
The Earth is now completely covered by ocean. You have three years to develop a station that is liable, safe and self sustaining. Buy and trade materials to create a New Eden from the remnants of civilisation. It's the year 2442, and Earth is facing complete destruction. The sea level is irrevoca...... More
Released 27 April 2023
Ganz Schön Clever (Thats Pretty Clever)
Spiel des Jahres Nominated Roll Write Game
Choose your dice well in Ganz schön clever to enter them into the matching colored area, put together tricky chain-scoring opportunities, and rack up the points. The dice you don't use are as important as what you do because every die that's smaller than the chosen one can be used by the other pl...... More
Released 16 July 2019
Clever Cubed
Draft dice to mark numbers on your scoresheet, comboing bonuses to power your Points
Clever hoch drei features the same gameplay as Ganz schön clever and Doppelt so clever, but with new categories in which to score — sometimes with several dice at the same time. Your goal: Choose dice, then place the numbers into the matching colored area, put together tricky chain-scoring opport...... More
Released 01 June 2022
Doppelt so Clever
Spiel des Jahres Nominated Roll Write Game
Next in the series is Doppelt so Clever! With five new dice-marking challenges and a new action beyond the re-roll and “use one more die” actions of the earlier game, you really have to be twice as clever to score big! PLAYERS 1 to 4 AGE 8+ TIME 30 mins ...... More
Released 13 February 2020
Ganz Schön Clever Kids
Kids Version of The Award Winning Ganz Schön Clever
It’s a party! There are plenty of sweet treats, presents and balloons to pop. Roll and choose your dice, and cleverly cross off the symbols. Keep an eye out for rainbow stars to help you, but watch out, your leftover dice can be used by other players. Are you clever enough?  What’s in the box?...... More
Released 01 December 2022
Clever 4Ever
Draft dice to mark numbers on your scoresheet, comboing bonuses to power your points.
Now you can be Clever 4ever! The fourth in the series of the popular Ganz Schon Clever. With the same dice rolling gameplay Clever 4ever has brand new, fun ways to score, remember to choose your dice wisely! What’s in the box? 1 Block of Scoring Sheets 6 Dice 1 Pencil How to p...... More
Released 14 December 2022
The Herb Witches: Quacks of Quedlinburg (T.O.S.)
Expansion for Kennerspiel Winning Potion Mixing Game
Even more players are now able to participate in the medieval "cookery show,” as this expansion contains all of the ingredients needed for a fifth player, along with further rubies. But that’s not all! Another new addition is locoweed, an ingredient whose value varies throughout the game. Large p...... More
Released 08 April 2019
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
RETOCK: Winner of Kennerspiel des Jahres 2018: Push Your Luck Potion Mixing Game
In The Quacks of Quedlinburg, players are charlatans — or quack doctors — each making their own secret brew by adding ingredients one at a time. Take care with what you add, though, for a pinch too much of this or that will spoil the whole mixture! Each player has their own bag of ingredient chip...... More
Released 24 March 2023
The Alchemists The Quacks of Quedlinburg (T.O.S.)
Distill new essences to free the citizens of Quedlinburg from nightmares and worse.
The Alchemists of Quedlinburg are as famous as they are notorious. People seeking help come from far and wide to have their – sometimes extremely exotic – complaints treated “expertly”. In this latest expansion, distill essences to free the citizens of Quedlinburg from these afflictions and recei...... More
Released 01 June 2021
The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Mega Box (T.O.S.)
Combines the Original Game and Both Expansions.
Herb witches, quacks and alchemists are running wild in the town of Quedlinburg! This Mega Box combines the original Quacks of Quedlinburg, the Herb Witches and Alchemists expansion all in one cauldron. There is no hocus pocus here, get ready to brew your potions in style!...... More
Released 09 June 2023
The Taverns of Tiefenthal
Manage your Tavern and Become as Profitable as Possible
In the village of Tiefenthal, you take the role of tavern host to attract new and wealthy guests. Which tavern expansion is best? Do you need more tables? A larger beer warehouse? Skilfully choose the dice to develop your personal deck and become as profitable as possible! In the village of...... More
Released 30 September 2019

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