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Res Arcana
Fantasy Engine Building Card Game
Res Arcana is a card game of resource transformation and growth for 2-4 alchemical mages. Re In Res Arcana, each Mage has a total of eight Artifacts per game. An artifact can be a magical object to create, a place to occupy, a creature to summon, a dragon to control ... It's up to you to determine w...... More
Released 12 March 2019
Perlae Imperii: Res Arcana
Res Arcana Expansion
On a wild coast, a seafaring mage prepares to dive to a magical pearl bed in search of a pearl of power. Meanwhile, a dragon tamer travels to Blood Isle to seek an ancient dragon. Res Arcana: Perlae Imperii, the second expansion for Res Arcana, adds a new essence type pearls to aid mages in cre...... More
Released 30 November 2021
Lux and Tenebrae: Res Arcana
RESTOCK: Res Arcana Expansion
"In a dark cathedral, a mage harnesses the power of demons to enhance her spells. In an alchemical laboratory, a diviner inscribes a scroll of destruction. Meanwhile, a bard and beastmaster seek out the prismatic dragon and golden lion to keep these forces of darkness at bay. This expansion introduc...... More
Released 09 August 2022

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