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The Red Book of the Elf King
Rick Priestley's Latest Set of Fantasy Miniatures Battle Rules
The Red Book of the Elf King is a set of Fantasy Miniatures Battle Rules written by legendary designer Rick Priestley. You will need set of miniatures including a Thane and six companion bands of 3 models each and The Red Book of The Elf King Rules. A suitable playing surface including terra...... More
Released 19 June 2018
Savage Core Rulebook
Skirmish Rules for Savage Warfare
28mm pulp skirmish rules for battles beneath the surface of the Earth. A5 book pages - 5.8 x 8.3 (inches). 87 pages. full colour, tables, artwork and lore with charts. For 2+ players, miniatures and dice not included. Savage Core is a fast play, competitive set of skirmish rules set in a pri...... More
Released 06 November 2019

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