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Bruxelles 1897 (T.O.S.)
The Card Game version of the Boardgame Bruxelles 1893.
BRUXELLES 1897 In 1897, Art Nouveau is taking over the streets of Brussels as the World's Fair opens its doors. The time has come to cement your name in the History of Art. To achieve all of this, you must construct magnificent buildings, create, sell and exhibit works of art, and shake hands with ...... More
Released 24 February 2020
Encyclopedia (T.O.S.)
Aspiring Naturalists set out to study the World's most fascinating Creatures!
Welcome to Encyclopedia! The year is 1739, and as aspiring naturalists and adventurers, you’ve been hired by the Comte de Buffon - Darwin's predecessor - to help him create the first encyclopedia of natural history. To do so, you’ll be conducting research, organizing ambitious expeditions and publis...... More
Released 10 January 2023
Garden Nation
Build the specific buildings of your new town in the garden. But you are not alone...
In Garden Nation, the four clans wish to build a city on the seven territories of the garden, but each is trying to gain the upper hand. In the game, you construct buildings by rearranging coffee pots or bird feeders to complete official projects and secret missions. Each new floor costs more and m...... More
Released 21 March 2023

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