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Fluttering Souls (T.O.S.)
Two Player Card Drafting and Set Collection Cardgame
Fluttering Souls is a captivating, beautifully illustrated two-player game based on the Japanese legend of The White Butterfly. You will compete to collect a kaleidoscope of butterflies in the hope of being visited by The White Butterfly; the soul of a lost loved one. Legend of the White Butterfly ...... More
Released 26 May 2020
Land vs Sea
Here be dragons! Medieval Cartographers make a Map filled with delightful details.
Part puzzle, part game. Play as either Land or Sea (or the Cartographer in a 3 player game). Each player plays with 2 double-sided hex tiles containing a mix of land and sea shapes. They take turns placing a tile each to make a map together. Land places tiles trying to complete land areas, and Sea p...... More
Released 02 November 2021

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