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Tiny Epic Galaxies
30 Minute Dice Rolling Game of Galactic Conquest.
Each turn, a player will roll a set of dice, how many dice are rolled is determined by the level of that player's galaxy. Each side of the die (6 sided) represents a different type of action: Movement, Colony Action, Harvest from Culture Planets, Harvest from Energy Planets, Improve an Economic Infl...... More
Released 13 October 2015
Tiny Epic Pirates (T.O.S.)
Pirates take to the high-seas for fame and fortune!
Tiny Epic Pirates is a 45 minute, 1-4 player game of high-seas adventure, utilizing a variable rondel action system and action combo-ing! In Tiny Epic Pirates you take control of a Pirate ship with the goal of burying vast amounts of wealth on secret island hideaways. Each turn, you move your ...... More
Released 27 April 2021
Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes Call (T.O.S.)
Tiny Epic Kingdoms Expansion
Explore – Exploit – Expand – Exterminate all over again! Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call is an expansion to Tiny Epic Kingdoms and requires TEK to play. The war continues and spreads further and further. New factions have arrived from the north igniting epic battles unlike any before. Heroes ...... More
Released 12 April 2016
Tiny Epic Dinosaurs (T.O.S.)
Become Dino Ranchers in the lucrative Dinosaur Farming industry.
In Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, breakthroughs in modern science have dinosaurs and humans existing side by side. This has allowed for a lucrative industry. Dino Ranching! Independent ranchers have begun farming dinosaurs to sell to the highest bidders for use in their high thrill theme parks. You are one of...... More
Released 25 August 2020
Tiny Epic Dungeons (T.O.S.)
A classic Dungeon Crawler in Tiny Epic form!
Tiny Epic Dungeons is a fully co-operative dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players set in the fantasy world of Aughmoore. In Tiny Epic Dungeons, players control a band of Heroes exploring a treacherous dungeon in search of the fearsome Dungeon Boss. Heroes make their way through the dungeon one room at ...... More
Released 29 March 2022
Tiny Epic Dungeons Stories
Tiny Epic Dungeons Expansion
In Tiny Epic Dungeons: Stories players dive deeper into the lore of Aughmoore. The Stories expansion introduces a new Story Mode that has Heroes completing Side Quests and adventuring deeper into the dungeon, descending Multiple Floors and eventually fighting multiple Dungeons Bosses at once! In a...... More
Released 29 March 2022
Tiny Epic Kingdoms (T.O.S.)
4X Fantasy Pocket Sized Game
In Tiny Epic Kingdoms, a 4x fantasy game in a pocket-size package, each player starts with a unique faction (which has a unique technology tree) and a small territory. Throughout the game, players collect resources, explore other territories, battle each other, research magic, and work to build a gr...... More
Released 10 March 2015
Tiny Epic Dungeons Boss Meeple Upgrade Pack
Tiny Epic Dungeons Expansion
This mini expansion adds an oversized meeple for each Boss in the game. COMPONENTS: 10 meeples Meeples are 10mm thick and up to 40mm wide and 35mm tall. 3 have a base color of yellow (2 with red printing The Demon Lord from Potions & Perils and the Tinkerer from Stories, 1 with green The Goblin K...... More
Released 12 July 2022
Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tiny Epic Kingdoms Even Tinier
You are a tiny kingdom with big ambition. You want to expand your population throughout the realms, learn powerful magic, build grand towers, and have your neighbors quiver at the mention of your name. The conflict? All of the other kingdoms want the same thing and there's not enough room for everyo...... More
Released 10 February 2020
Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies
Tiny Epic Galaxies Even Tinier
Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies is a complete and unabridged version of Tiny Epic Galaxies in a box the size of a deck of cards. It plays the full spectrum of 1 to 5 players, has all 40 original planets, and even includes the Satellites & Super Weapons Mini-Expansion! 1 to 5 Players 30 Min Playing Time Ag...... More
Released 10 February 2020
Tiny Epic Tactics (T.O.S.)
Fantasy Tactical Combat Game
Tiny Epic Tactics utilizes a simple combat system with variable player powers and 3D terrain to achieve endless layers of strategy and fun. Tiny Epic Tactics offers competitive play, cooperative play and solo play! Conquer your opponents in tactical combat where every calculated move matters........ More
Released 23 December 2019
Beyond the Black: Tiny Epic Galaxies (T.O.S.)
Tiny Epic Galaxies Expansion
Tiny Epic Galaxies gets pilots, new ships, press-your-luck, and set collection in this full-box expansion! Take TEG to the next level! Blast off with the expansion to the smash hit Tiny Epic Galaxies. Introducing: New Ships, Pilots and more planets and secret missions. Press your luck as you exp...... More
Released 25 July 2017
Tiny Epic Western (T.O.S.)
Poker meets Worker Placement with Bullet Dice.
The West is growing day by day, and you’re looking to stake your claim. To win, you have to gamble your relationships with the most powerful bosses in town to win influence. This influence comes in many forms: Law, Money and Force. If you’re clever enough, you’ll be able to take claim over the build...... More
Released 08 November 2016
Tiny Epic Quest (T.O.S.)
A Game of Adventures in the Tiny Epic Series
A world of peace has been torn asunder by the opening of a vile portal from the goblin kingdom. Nasty goblins pour into the peaceful groves and villages of the elf world, setting the realm ablaze. Now you, the heroes, must quest in order to right this wrong. There are two paths to victory: closing t...... More
Released 30 August 2017
Tiny Epic Mechs (T.O.S.)
A Futurist Arena Programming Combat Game
A 1-4 player fast-paced action-programming game of arena combat featuring a Mech and Power Armors to put your ITEMeeples directly into! It's the year 3030, and technology offers humankind unimaginable entertainment. What used to be virtual reality is now reality, and sports that once occupied yo...... More
Released 06 August 2019
Tiny Epic Dungeons Extra Dice Set
Tiny Epic Dungeons Accessory
12 Additional Dungeons Dice to support all player counts and do not have to pass the dice. ...... More
Released 01 November 2022
Tiny Epic Zombies
A Game of Brutal Survival
An unthinkable crisis has struck the Echo Ridge Mall. A mysterious outbreak has claimed the lives of nearly everyone there... what's worse is they are crawling the stores and commons as Zombies hungry for flesh. Only a few Survivors remain. Are you among the Survivors? Or are you one of the ravenous...... More
Released 23 February 2021
Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition (T.O.S.)
Co-operative Fantasy Pocket Sized Game Set in the world of Tiny Epic Kingdoms
After the Great War (Tiny Epic Kingdoms), many of the factions, shattered and defeated, looked for something to cling to. One final hope before the last of their race would flow like the river into the ocean of history, gone and forgotten. It was the sages of the Order of Gamelyn who answered their ...... More
Released 21 August 2018
Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War (T.O.S.)
Tiny Epic Defenders Expansion
Tiny Epic Defenders The Dark War, an expansion to Tiny Epic Defenders, is the latest installment in Chronicles of Aughmoore. It introduces new Heroic characters like the Lionkin Charioteer and the Birdfolk Shadow Walker. It also introduces new Epic Foes, new Dire Enemies, and new Artifacts, but mo...... More
Released 21 August 2018
Tiny Epic Vikings
Viking clans seek glory and the favour of the Gods!
In the frigid Runic Isles of the North Sea, the Vikings reign supreme. These determined explorers navigate the icy fjords, build fertile settlements upon rocky crags, and fight for the glory of their clans with blood and steel. Only the Gods stand above them, and it is every Vikings’ dream to serve ...... More
Released 04 April 2023

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