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Fuji Koro
Adventure Fantasy Cooperative Boardgame
Japan H?ei 4 (1707) Mount Fuji is on the verge of erupting. Red hot lava will soon consume the three secret Seien-ji (???), sacred temples hidden deep in the bowels of the volcano. The Sh?gun is determined to preserve the precious heritage and sends his most noble and gifted samurai warriors on ...... More
Released 09 December 2019
The Palaces Of Carrara
Erect stunning Buildings with the world-renowned marble in beautiful Tuscany.
You are the head of a noble family who has received orders from the Royal Palace to beautify 6 cities in the region. Utilizing valuable blocks of marble from the famed quarries in Carrara, you will construct buildings, add decorations, and place statues to fill the cities with marble wonders. In Th...... More
Released 25 October 2022

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