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Death and Taxes
Supplement for Barons Wars
The rebellious French forces controlling England are demanding additional funds to support their war effort. As supporters of King John, Wimentun village, having already paid taxes to the English crown, are resisting paying for a second time. As villages scatter, rushing to squirrel away their last...... More
Released 23 December 2021
Supplement for Barons War
Outremer (French: outre-mer, lit. 'overseas'), also known as The Crusader States, is a political hotbed granting ambitious Frankish Barons the opportunity to make a reputation for themselves. This new battleground dominated by a scorching sun, inhospitable terrain and lethal new foes provides ...... More
Released 28 April 2023
The Barons War Rulebook
A Medieval Skirmish Rulebook
In the Kingdom of England by 1215, a group of powerful barons had reached breaking point due to King Johns despotic rule, high taxes and failed leadership. It was time to rebel! Written by Andy Hobday, these rules enable narrative-driven tabletop games set in an England gripped by civil war playe...... More
Released 11 May 2021

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