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Extra Impetus 5
48 Official Army Lists For Impetus
Contains Lists for the Following Armies FEUDAL EUROPE Feudal French Anglo Norman Early Feudal English Later Feudal English Welsh Scots Isles and Highlands Irish Anglo Irish Frisia and Free Cantons Scandinavian Kingdoms ITALY AND THE EMPIRE Italian Communal (1150-1200 A...... More
Released 15 February 2013
Extra Impetus 1
Army Lists for Impetus Rules
30 OFFICIAL ARMY LISTS PHARAOHS WARS (New Kingdom Egyptians and enemies) Later Hyksos New Kingdom Egyptian Syro-Cananite Mitannic Beduins Hittite Empire Sea Peoples THE 100 YEARS WAR French 1330-1417 French 1418-1444 French 1445-1453 English 1330-1453 Navarrese 1350...... More
Released 12 February 2010
Extra Impetus 4
Supplement for Impetus
Contains:42 OFFICIAL ARMY LISTS THE AGE OF HOPLITES Athens VII-V cent. Athens V-III cent. Thebes Spartans Minor Greek Cities Ionian Greeks Thessaly Magna Graecia Early Achaemenid Persians Thracians Illyrians ALEXANDER AND HIS SUCCESSORS Early Macedonians Alexander M...... More
Released 23 November 2011
Basic Impetus 2.0
Wargames Rules for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Batlles
Ten years after the release of the first edition, they are pleased to present Basic Impetus 2.0, a flexible, innovative and fast play system provided with 340 army lists ranging from Sumerian to Renaissance. PRODUCT INFO A4, 64 pages (covers included), full color, spiral bound. Includes diagram...... More
Released 25 January 2017

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