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After Us
Grow the collective intelligence of your monkey tribe faster than your opponents!
After Us is a deck-building and resource management game featuring an original and intuitive combo system in which players are each leading a tribe of apes. Starting only with tamarins, they combine their cards each turn to collect resources and gather victory points, attracting new apes into their ...... More
Released 27 July 2023
Faraway (T.O.S.)
Simultaneous Action, Set Collecting Game of Exploring Faraway Lands
Welcome to Alula, a mysterious continent with ever-changing geography, shaped after the rhythm of the seasons. Beyond the Sea of Mists lies the mysterious continent of Alula. Roam across the land in search of its secrets, meet its inhabitants and list its wonders in order to gain more fame than your...... More
Released 28 March 2024
Sobek 2 Players (T.O.S.)
Pick the good tiles but beware of your Opponent's possibilities
Construction is underway on a temple dedicated to Sobek. A huge market has emerged nearby, supplied by the continuous flow of feluccas and pirogues along the Nile. Your Guild of Merchants is determined to take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity, and ready to use any means to grab sumptuous g...... More
Released 25 August 2022

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