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Coral (T.O.S.)
Grow a coral reef together, but keep the best spots for yourself!
In Coral, players develop a coral reef together, whilst vying to position their own species closest to the top, where they can soak up the life-giving sunlight. Together - as much as against one another - you'll build a unique, magnificent 3D structure out of gorgeous wooden pieces. This represents...... More
Released 21 February 2023
Patios (T.O.S.)
Take part in the traditional Cordoba's Patios Festival
Be part of the traditional Cordoba's Patios Festival (World Heritage by UNESCO) and try to win it with the help of gardeners, water canes and awnings. Create the most beatiful courtyard with its flowers and balconies, avoiding the sun from drying up your precious plant pots. Now, you can live Co...... More
Released 24 May 2022

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