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Midnight Legacy Of Darkness RPG
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Campaign Setting
Back in the ageless time before the dawn of history, a war broke out in heaven. In desperation, the lords of light severed the infernal spirit of the dark god Izrador, casting him out of the celestial kingdom. Izrador fell to the earth, his foul essence staining the land with its evil shadow. Thr...... More
Released 27 May 2022
Tomb of Iuchiban - Adventures in Rokugan
Adventures in Rokugan RPG Campaign
For five hundred years, his name has been whispered on fearful lips: Iuchiban. Bloodspeakers. Black magicians of a thousand unholy arts. Twice before he and his dark followers have tried to seize the Emerald Throne, only to be beaten back at great cost. Imprisoned within a secret location, guarded b...... More
Released 10 October 2023
Adventures in Rokugan Corebook
Legend of The Five Rings RPG Setting for 5E
Rokugan. The Emerald Empire. For thousands of years, the samurai of the Great Clans have served the Hantei Emperor in guiding this land’s destiny. But now, danger besets Rokugan on all sides. While the Great Clans march to war with one another, blood magic users corrupt the Empire from within, the s...... More
Released 09 August 2022
Adventures in Rokugan - Game Masters Kit
Adventures in Rokugan RPG Accessory
The GM Kit includes both a beautiful screen that keeps the rules at your fingertips as well as a pre-made amazing adventure. Guide your players into the world of Rokugan with style and ease with the Adventures in Rokugan Roleplaying Game Master's Kit! Guide your players into the world of Rokugan...... More
Released 11 October 2022
Midnight Legacy Of Darkness: Game Masters Kit
Midnight Legacy Of Darkness RPG Accessory
The tiny town of Koln, huddled against the edges of the great forest of Erethor, has survived the last century of occupation by being too small to attract any great attention. It quietly pays its tithes to the Shadow’s armies and does its best to survive in an increasingly hostile world. But their i...... More
Released 11 October 2022
Genesys: Embers of the Imperium RPG
Twilight Imperium Campaign Setting Sourcebook for Genesys.
Since the fall of the Lazax Empire, the galaxy has been plagued by thousands of years of chaos, war, and isolation. Now, finally, the once-great civilizations have restored some semblance of their former glory, and have cast covetous eyes on the wider galaxy once more. Adventure amongst the shards ...... More
Released 25 April 2023
Genesys RPG: Game Masters Screen
Genesys RPG Accessory
This screen will help you keep your notes, dice rolls, and plans hidden from your players while also providing handy information. Immerse your players in your world with the Genesys Game Master’s Screen!...... More
Released 20 April 2022
Genesys: A Narrative Dice System Core Rulebook
REPRINT: Genesys RPG Core Rulebook
A Roleplaying Game with Unlimited Adventures. Face down a dragon as a brave knight, hack into a corporate security system as an elite runner, set sail in your airship. Unlimited adventure awaits you in Genesys, a new roleplaying system designed for a variety of settings and limited only by your ...... More
Released 01 February 2022
Genesys RPG: Roleplaying Dice Pack (T.O.S.)
Genesys RPG Accessory
The Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack features three Ability dice, three Difficulty dice, two Setback dice, two Boost dice, two Proficiency dice and two Challenge dice, giving you everything you need to run your own game of Genesys....... More
Released 24 October 2023
Fields of Victory: Legends of the Five Rings RPG
REPRINT: Legend of the Five Rings RPG Sourcebook
Fields of Victory contains three chapters overflowing with information about warfare in Rokugan, both past and present, as well as providing new gameplay and character-building options for players. The valiant Lion Clan has always taken great pride in their study of history, including their meth...... More
Released 01 February 2022
Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Mask of the Oni
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Adventure
Take your players into the foreboding Shadowlands with Mask of the Oni. This adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game pits heroes against the dangers of the Shadowlands and the horrors found within the crumbling walls of the Hiruma family’s fallen castle. Tokens, maps, and an ...... More
Released 28 June 2022
Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Winters Embrace
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Adventure
Winter’s Embrace takes your team to the beautiful grounds of Ky?den Doji, where you are introduced to the hazards of court politics. As plots begin to unravel around you and you become closer to the truth, you will find that a whispered word can kill as surely as a sword. Can you survive the poi...... More
Released 28 June 2022
Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Roleplaying Dice Pack
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Accessory
Custom Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Dice come 10 to a pack and allow GM’s to quickly interpret results of skill checks, determining success and failure and expanding on narrative opportunities through opportunity and strife!...... More
Released 12 December 2023
Legend of the Five Rings RPG (T.O.S.)
REPRINT: Legend of the Five Rings RPG Core Rulebook
It is an era of sudden change and upheaval in Rokugan. Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and celestial turmoil alike have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chr...... More
Released 01 February 2022
Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Wheel of Judgement
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Adventre
Armed with the knowledge of the Spirit Realms, you’ll be ready to embark on the Wheel of Judgment adventure, a Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying adventure designed specifically for deceased PCs. From Meido, the Realm of Waiting, you and your fellow samurai face a journey unlike any other, leadi...... More
Released 10 May 2022
Writ of the Wilds: Legend of the Five Rings RPG
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Wilderness Sourcebook
The mighty castles and sprawling cities of Rokugan are merely tiny islands of civilization in the vast wilderness that surrounds and envelops the Emerald Empire. From the dark and haunted depths of the Shinomen Mori forest to the sharp and icy peaks of the Great Wall of the North mountains, these an...... More
Released 31 August 2022
Celestial Realms Legend of Five Rings RPG
REPRINT: Legend of Five Rings RPG Sourcebook
The realm of Rokugan is vast, stretching from the tainted Shadowlands in the south to the towering northern mountains—yet all of Rokugan is only a small part of Ningen-d?, the Realm of Mortals. And Ningen-d? lies between the Spirit Realms, below the Celestial Court of Tengoku, beside the enchanted l...... More
Released 01 February 2022
Rise of the Separatists: Star Wars Roleplaying
Star Wars RPG Sourcebook for any of the three Core RPG Line.
For generations, the Jedi Knights have been guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. But now they face a challenge like never before. With the Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars have begun. Battles rage across the galaxy as the Jedi and the Grand Army of the Republic fight back against the si...... More
Released 09 May 2019
Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG: Core Rulebook (T.O.S.)
Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG Core Rulebook
Take on the sinister Galactic Empire as a member of the Rebel Alliance. Wage guerilla warfare across the Star Wars galaxy as a solider, or provide crucial intelligence to the Rebels as a cunning spy. Face down legions of stormtroopers, steal secret plans and restricted codes, and stay on target in t...... More
Released 01 July 2014
Collapse of the Republic: Star Wars Roleplaying
Star Wars RPG Era Sourcebook for any of the three Core RPG Line
Discover the last days of the Old Republic with Collapse of the Republic, a new sourcebook for Star Wars™ Roleplaying! This sourcebook explores the latter days of the Clone Wars and is fully compatible with the complete Star Wars Roleplaying game lines including Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion ...... More
Released 23 July 2019

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