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World at War Issue 39: France Fights On
Strategy and Tactics Style Game / Magazine focussing on WWII
France Fights On. This alternative history wargame examines the strategic and operational possibilities inherent in the campaign that wouldíve occurred within France in June 1940 if that countryís government had resolved not to give up, as was the case historically. The assumption is that they inste...... More
Released 25 November 2014
World at War Issue 41: Mare Nostrum
Strategy and Tactics Style Game / Magazine focussing on WWII
SPECIAL EDITION Mare Nostrum is an operational level wargame of the struggle for the Mediterranean and North African theaters of operation during World War II from the German intervention in early 1941 through the Allied liberation of Sicily in 1943. There are four main scenarios of varying lengt...... More
Released 17 March 2015
World at War Issue 42: Pacific Battles: Shanghai
Strategy and Tactics Style Game / Magazine focussing on WWII
Pacific Battles: Shanghai is a wargame series of several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations in World War II. The system emphasizes the operational level of these campaigns, and deals with land and air operations. This is a two-player game. One player controls the Japanese, the other the ...... More
Released 06 May 2015
Eisenbach Gap Deluxe (T.O.S.)
Deluxe version of World at War Eisenbach Gap
Itís the new and improved Eisenbach Gap - Eisenbach Gap Deluxe. One game that includes all the components of both the original Eisenbach Gap and Death of First Panzer. The maps are mounted and the rules and player aid cards are full color. This is a great chance to dive into the popular World at War...... More
Released 22 October 2013
World at War: Paris is Burning
Expansion for WWII Board Wargame
The Soviets have broken through the NATO line in West Germany, and the West German, British, and Americans are in full retreat. They approach the French border, hoping for aid, praying for sanctuary, but the AMX-30 tanks on the far side of the border fire, their shells ripping into the approaching N...... More
Released 02 August 2011
America Conquered
World at War Series Complete Module
The nukes have flown, and darkness has spread across the globe. Yet the missiles didnít bring the apocalypse many had predicted. Rather than total, the exchange of nuclear-tipped missiles was limited. Rather than complete, the destruction was merely crippling. Now the war continues, fought with a st...... More
Released 18 June 2013
World at War Gamers Guide
World at War Gamers Guide!
Packing forty professionally printed, and glaringly-glossy pages (including cover) and filled with World at War wisdom, the World at War: Gamer's Guide. In it you'll find a preview of the upcoming World at War boxed game, World at War: Blood and Bridges. Two new scenarios, Clearing Hell's Highwa...... More
Released 19 March 2008
World at War: Counterattack
Scenario Expansion for Blood and Bridges and Into the Breach WWII Board Wargames
World at War: Counter-attack recreates the American and West German counter-attack into the southern flank of the Soviet thrust into West Germany. The battles occurred just after the events chronicled in Blood and Bridges, and prior to the final battles for Paris. Nine scenarios comprise the modu...... More
Released 03 December 2013

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