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Random Encounter
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Random Encounter
A Quick, Card-Dueling Battle For Loot
In this 1-5 player game you’ll either raid your friends or adventure alone in an attempt to slay the creatures of the Troll King’s Kingdom and harvest their loot. Part poker, part tactical combat, Random Encounter: Plains of the Troll King pits players against each other in a battle of bravery and b...... More
Released 12 July 2016
Seas of the Sea Chicken: Random Encounter
A Quick Exciting Battle Pixel Art Card Game.
Random Encounter is a strategic, number-based, pixel-art card game for all ages. Players build encounters made up of various creatures, then try to win as many battles as possible at the table in the pursuit of loot! Each fully customizable deck is made up of basic number creature cards along with...... More
Released 31 May 2017

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