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Panzer (T.O.S.)
2016 Edition of Tactical WWII Armour Game
The Panzers Roll.... The tanks prepare for action. The fuel tanks topped off and the ammo loaded. The commanders confer one final time to review the battle plan. They await your orders. As the fog clears, your beleaguered battle group once again moves into position to cover the retreating infantry...... More
Released 20 September 2016
Panzer: Expansion 4: France 1940
Panzer Expansion The German Invasion of France
This expansion set includes the most significant French forces that saw action on the Western front in 1940. Also included are the German forces that invaded France and the Low Countries, flanked the Maginot Line, and finally pushed on into France. The playbook includes rules for special units, new ...... More
Released 12 March 2019

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