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Mutants and Masterminds RPG
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Freedom City: Mutants and Masterminds RPG
Mutants and Masterminds RPG Campaign Setting
Freedom City, the iconic original setting for Mutants & Masterminds. With the Mutants & Masterminds RPG you have the power to become a hero. Freedom City gives you the world’s most renowned city of heroes to rescue from the forces of evil! Called “the greatest superhero setting ever,” the award-wi...... More
Released 27 March 2018
Mutants and Masterminds Game Masters Kit Revised
Mutants and Masterminds RPG Accessory
The Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster’s Kit is a key accessory for your superhero campaign. It features a sturdy and practical 3-panel hardback screen with all the charts and tables you need to play the World's Greatest Superhero RPG. The kit also includes 4 quick reference cards and a combat tra...... More
Released 26 April 2016
Atlas of Earth Prime: A Mutants and Masterminds Sourcebook
Mutants and Masterminds RPG Sourcebook
Visit a world not our own, but strangely familiar—a world of heroes and villains, of wonders and dangers, and limitless adventure! The Atlas of Earth-Prime is a trip around the world of the Freedom City and Emerald City settings for the Mutants & Masterminds RPG. Your heroes can explore the sites ...... More
Released 11 April 2017
Rogues Gallery: Mutants and Masterminds
Mutants and Masterminds RPG Sourcebook
Rogues Gallery collects supervillains from Green Ronin’s popular PDF series of the same name, with the addition of new material and never-before-seen characters. It has dozens of fearsome foes for your Mutants & Masterminds series, enough to keep your heroes busy stopping schemes and saving the wo...... More
Released 24 July 2018
Mutants and Masterminds Basic Heros Handbook
Essential Introduction Version of Mutants and Masterminds RPG
Every hero needs an origin story and this can be yours! Written with new gamers in mind, the Basic Hero’s Handbook streamlines and clarifies the flexible, robust third edition rules of Mutants & Masterminds. With simplified character creation and a selection of ready-made adventures, the Mutants &...... More
Released 04 September 2018

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