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Conflict of Heroes
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Guadalcanal: Conflict of Heroes
Guadalcanal Continues the Award Winning Conflict of Heroes Series
Dec 7, 1941 - War explodes across the Pacific when the Japanese attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. By May 1942, Japan has spread across the Pacific and is threatening America’s supply lines to Australia after building an airfield on the island of Guadalcanal. The United States counters with...... More
Released 26 July 2016
Awakening the Bear Firefight Generator: Conflict of Heroes
Expansion for Awakening the Bear WWII Hex and Counter Wargame.
Create your own incredible Awakening the Bear Firefights. You and your opponents use strategy and cunning to manipulate the battlefield and available forces to create an engagement set to their advantage. This expansion for Awakening the Bear 2nd Edition includes everything you need to create countl...... More
Released 19 April 2016
Awakening the Bear 2nd Edition (T.O.S.)
WWII Board Wargame. Conflict of Heroes Series
The game that started it all. Winner of The Origins Historical Game of the Year, Winner of the Charles Roberts Wargame of the Year, Winner of Best New Design, and many others is back - better than ever! Origins Award Winner - Includes upgraded maps with full 3D graphics, revealing a level of det...... More
Released 20 November 2012

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