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The Storytellers Thesaurus
Creative Writing Resource
Writers, game designers, teachers, and students this is the book you've been waiting for! Written by storytellers for storytellers, this volume offers an entirely new approach to word finding. Browse the pages within to see what makes this book different: ~ Entries arranged in chapters by topic. ...... More
Released 27 January 2015
Amazing Adventures Companion: Amazing Adventures (T.O.S.)
Amazing Adventures RPG Sourcebook
Welcome to the first sourcebook for AMAZING ADVENTURES! Herein you will find tons of material to expand and improve your campaign, unlocking the doors to adventures heretofore undreamed of. Pulp encompasses a number of genres and now you have the ability to play them, from space opera to cos...... More
Released 25 August 2015
A8 The Forsaken Mountain: 5th Edition Adventures
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Adventure
Coburg the Undying, Master of Aufstrag, has sent forth his servants to find and bring the Vessel of Souls to him. To stop him one must travel far beyond the realms of man and cross over into the lands of dreams and thence into the realms of the forever dying, where creatures both horrifying and ambr...... More
Released 19 September 2017
A5: The Shattered Horn: 5th Edition Adventures RPG
Dungeon and Dragons RPG Adventure
Upon the edge of the Blighted Screed stands the towers of the mad. A priest, known only as the Crow, has bound himself in the fortress where he practices black necromancy to summon the dead from beyond the grave. A servant of powers both great and foul the priest must be slain in order to free the B...... More
Released 20 June 2017
A0 The Rising Knight
Adventures for 5th Edition Rules
This is an introductory adventure for those playing the 5th Edition of the world's best known and oldest RPG. The module has been designed to allow for the players and Game Master alike to begin play immediately. The Drunderry River runs narrow and fast through much of its course, before tumblin...... More
Released 10 January 2017
A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone:5th Edition Adventures
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Adventures
Unklar, the Horned God, bound one of the eldritch Oonmakling to him and set it in a dungeon beneath the stones of despair. A temple was built over the stones and guardians set to watch it. But that was long ago. Unklar himself now lays in the Void and the dungeon, like so many of his creations, lies...... More
Released 22 August 2017
A9 - Beneath the Helm of Night: 5th Edition Adventures (T.O.S.)
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Adventures
Hard roads bring the stout of heart to the Tower’s iron-bound gate. Whether brought here by the Vessel of Souls or by pure happenstance, the Tower, perched upon the edge of no-where, beckons, promising wealth and glory. Flight brings your fall. A mid-to-high-level adventure for a party of 3-6 char...... More
Released 21 November 2017
Amazing Adventures RPG 2nd Edition (T.O.S.)
Pulp RPG SIEGE System
"Pulp: Hard-boiled detectives, fedora-wearing action heroes, and steampunk gadgeteers rocketing to battle with their jet packs against bloodthirsty Thule cultists of the Third Reich." Welcome to two-fisted adventure with the SIEGE engine! Pulp SIEGE, the newest core game powered by Troll Lord ...... More
Released 25 August 2015

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