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Dead Run: Nightmare Forest (T.O.S.)
Zombie Humorous Press Your Luck Board Game
Nightmare Forest: Dead Run is a card and dice take on side-scroller games like Rygar, Mario or Pitfall. You and your friends are out enjoying an evening in the woods around the campfire when you notice a gentle breeze stirring the dead leaves that have fallen from the trees. With a building sense o...... More
Released 22 November 2016
Udder Terror: Nightmare Forest
Bluffing Hand Management Memory Boardgame
The Aliens Nightmare Forest - Udder Terror - mini game are here and they need to collect a small herd of cows for investigation and cultivation. You and your alien friend have decided to make it a competition to see who can get the most cows. The cows are laid out in a 44 grid and the players ea...... More
Released 03 January 2018

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