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Karthador: Savage Worlds
Savage Worlds RPG Swashbuckling Science Fiction Setting
Karthador is a massive world of beauty, danger, drama, and horror. A world where swashbuckling heroes battle merciless villains across ancient vistas and above shining cities, in a world where science is magic and adventure is never more than a whisper away. Noble warriors ride dinosaurs into ...... More
Released 04 August 2015
Rune Punk: DarK Summer Nights
Rune Punk Sourcebook Softcover.
DarkSummer Nights is the first RunePunk supplement and builds upon the unique setting by offering the street-level detail that the fans have demanded. Within the pages are a highly detailed gazetteer of the borough of the City’s capital of DarkSummer, including dozens of new personalities, plot hook...... More
Released 18 March 2009

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