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Eclipse Phase Sunward (T.O.S.)
Eclipse Phase RPG Sourcebook
Sunward details the inner regions of the solar system, from habitats in the solar corona to transhumanity's largest population centers on Mars. Stations and plot seeds are provided for each of the inner worlds and the factions that occupy them. Background and information on the Planetary Consorti...... More
Released 01 September 2010
Eclipse Phase Fire Wall (T.O.S.)
Eclipse Phase RPG Sourcebook
Firewall is a secret organization sourcebook for both Eclipse Phase players and gamemasters. It includes: Details on Firewall’s history, organization, and ongoing operations. Firewall’s notable people, locations, and internal factions. Rival organizations, including the argon...... More
Released 08 September 2015
Morph Recognition Guide: Eclipse Phase (T.O.S.)
Eclipse Phase RPG Sourcebook Hardcover
Morph Recognition Guide: Morphs are the most important part of gear for an Eclipse Phase character. Compiles all the morphs and variants from other Eclipse Phase books! An illustration for every morph. Includes a compilation of morph-related rules. In-character commentary on every s...... More
Released 04 November 2014
Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook (T.O.S.)
Core Hardcover Rulebook for Eclipse Phase RPG: A post-apocalyptic game of conspiracy and horror.
Humanity stands on the cusp of a new age, with accelerated technological growth converging toward a singularity point, promising an undreamt-of future. Despite the ecopocalypse and social upheavals on Earth, humanity has conquered the solar system and partially terraformed Mars. Advancements in biot...... More
Released 21 October 2009
Eclipse Phase Transhumanitys Fate (T.O.S.)
Brings Technothriller Espionage and Horror in the world of Eclipse Phase to the Fate System.
In Transhumanity's Fate, you play secret agents protecting the scattered remnants of transhumanity from threats that could wipe it out once and for all. You might be a crusading hacktivist, an anarchist militia fighter, a planet-hopping xenoscientist, a psychic detective, or a social networker owed ...... More
Released 13 September 2016

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