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Karthador: Savage Worlds
Savage Worlds RPG Swashbuckling Science Fiction Setting
Karthador is a massive world of beauty, danger, drama, and horror. A world where swashbuckling heroes battle merciless villains across ancient vistas and above shining cities, in a world where science is magic and adventure is never more than a whisper away. Noble warriors ride dinosaurs into ...... More
Released 04 August 2015
Powers and Perils 1: Orwell Industries Savage Worlds (T.O.S.)
Savage Worlds sourcebook, softcover
Orwell Industries is the first product in the Powers & Perils line of superpowered supplements for Savage Worlds! Written by Sean Preston and Butch Curry with the keen editing talents of Jodi Black and Clint Black (of Necessary Evil fame) and illustrated by Julia Bax, this contains the history of...... More
Released 20 February 2008
Rune Punk: DarK Summer Nights
Rune Punk Sourcebook Softcover.
DarkSummer Nights is the first RunePunk supplement and builds upon the unique setting by offering the street-level detail that the fans have demanded. Within the pages are a highly detailed gazetteer of the borough of the City’s capital of DarkSummer, including dozens of new personalities, plot hook...... More
Released 18 March 2009

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