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Robin D Laws The Birds: Vol. 2
Second Collection of the Comic Strip
They're back, pistols reloaded, in all their smudged and deadpan glory! Pete, aggressively passive and always ready to embrace a new fanaticism. Shirley, his beloved wife, except when she's trying to poison him. Steve, his best friend, except when he's shooting him. Loretta, his best stalker. And St...... More
Released 15 May 2012
Dead Rock Seven
Ashen Stars RPG Adventures
Some mysteries, you really don’t want to solve. If the thing at the centre of the labyrinth starts hunting you, you’ll wish you’d never started searching in the first place. Some truths are buried for a reason. The sound of claws on metal grew louder. Something scraped at the outside of the seale...... More
Released 27 September 2011
Cugels Compendium
Dying Earth Sourcebook
A new power, the Tweak: Procure advantage in specific situations. Neagate a blunder with "Forgive my companion, who was dropped at birth." Persuade your mount to obey with "There's turnips in it for you" Arcane magical items and intriguing equipment: The cornucopia of discreditable secrets,...... More
Nights Black Agents (T.O.S.)
Vampire SpyThriller Core Rule Book for GUMSHOE RPG System
The Cold War is over. Bush’s War is winding down. You were a shadowy soldier in those fights, trained to move through the secret world: deniable and deadly. Then you got out, or you got shut out, or you got burned out. You didn’t come in from the cold. Instead, you found your own entrances int...... More
Released 09 October 2012
Skulduggery RPG
Skulduggery RPG Coredrulebook
Bamboozle! Betray! Backstab! Why go all the way to the dungeon for enemies, when the other players are sitting right next to you? Skulduggery, the Roleplaying Game Of Verbal Fireworks & Sudden Reversals, brings fast and funny innovation to the exciting world of inter-player conflict! Super-...... More
Released 07 September 2010
Trail of Cthulhu RPG
Gumshoe RPG, Softcover
You uncover mysteries in dusty libraries and bloody crime scenes. You walk the mean streets of Chicago or hack through the jungles of the South Pacific. You battle vile cults, or recoil in terror at the alien enormities they worship. You follow the clues wherever they lead, whatever the cost in life...... More
Released 19 March 2008
Bookhounds of London (T.O.S.)
Trail of Cthulhu Adventures, GUMSHOE system Softcover.
These cycles of experience, of course, all stem from that worm-riddled book. I remember when I found it – in a dimly lighted place near the black, oily river where the mists always swirl. - The Book Forbidden Tomes Bookhounds of London is a brand new campaign setting for Trail of Cthulhu, packe...... More
Released 05 April 2011
Armitage Files
Trail of Cthulhu RPG Adventures.
Formless Fears! The Armitage Files presents a boldly innovative way to generate blood-chilling adventures for your Trail Of Cthulhu investigators. Players seize on clues presented in the ten mysterious documents. They choose which leads to track down. The Keeper, using clearly broken down step...... More
Released 10 March 2010
The Book of the Smoke: Guide to Occult London (T.O.S.)
Trail of Cthulhu Sourcebook, GUMSHOE system Softcover.
This work is a primer for players of Lovecraftian roleplaying games set in the dismal streets of 1930s London. The Guide is replete with contacts, rumours and clues which will guide you on your quest for forbidden knowledge. Written as the companion volume to Bookhounds of London for Trail of Cth...... More
Released 21 June 2011

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