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1879 Minis Corebook
Steampunk Era Combat rules
The Suns Never Set on the British Empire! On the far side of an interdimensional portal from Earth, Victorian-era British troops with steampunk vehicles face off against Babylonian descendants with weird-science technological zombies! In the war of coal and steam against rail guns and undead, who ...... More
Released 10 November 2015
Big Trouble in Little Soho The Akkadian Connection: The Akkadian Connection, Book One
1879 RPG Adventure
Someone is making a very dangerous drug in the East End, snuff that grants explosive strength. Of course it’s in the wrong hands. Who’s making it? What are they making it from? Where’s the money going? Why have you been asked to look into it? Best see to your gear, and make sure you’ve got the best ...... More
Released 22 May 2018
Earthdawn 4th Edition: Gamemasters Screen and Booklet
Earthdawn RPG Core Accessory
Smooth out the sometimes treacherous path of gamemastering! Included in this packet is a four-panel cardstock screen that displays commonly used charts and tables for easy reference, and also provides a place to conceal adventure notes and dice rolls. For tables not included on the screen, a full in...... More
Released 24 May 2016

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