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Guild Dwarves Second Summoner Single Pack
Summoner Wars faction Deck
Sturdy and versatile fortifications not seen before in the Summoner Wars tower over the opposition, seemingly impossible to overtake. Bolvi joins the Summoner Wars as the Guild Dwarves' Second Summoner. This Second Summoner deck is a full faction deck with its own Summoner, set-up card, Champions...... More
Released 16 July 2013
Moral Conflict (T.O.S.)
Diplomatic Economic Warfare Moral Consequences Compete or Co-operate Board Game
Can you make decision in all five dimensions? This starter version has all the essentials of the five dimensional games with simpler mechanics and rules. Compete or co-operate to develop your world power, as you sharpen your planning and negotiation skills, while the depth of your character i...... More
Released 24 March 2015
Cat on Yer Head (T.O.S.)
Fun Mass participation Game
Cat On Yer Head is a crowd game that starts with a few simple rules that can then be modified while it is played. An imaginary cat, passed between players, chases an imaginary mouse who must escape it and eat cheese; or hide down a mouse hole; or turn into a cat-eating monster – or whatever the play...... More
Released 10 February 2015
Ancient Terrible Things
Pulp Horror Dice Adventure Board Game
The Doomed Expedition. The history of that doomed expedition is shrouded in whispered parlour rumour. A group of adventurers set out by riverboat, deep into a remote jungle, in foolish pursuit of fortune and glory. The battered journal of the lone survivor, said to contain fantastical scribblings...... More
Released 29 April 2014
Why Cant We Be Friends: Imperial Settlers Empire Pack Expansion
Imperial Settlers Boardgame Expansion
Imperial Settlers: Why Can't We Be Friends, the first Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers, includes new common cards for the central deck, new cards for each of the base game's four factions, and two new cards for use in the solo game with some factions. One new effect on the cards is "open produc...... More
Released 03 March 2015
Imperial Settlers (T.O.S.)
Card Drafting Game of Ancient Civilization Buiilding
Settlers from four major powers of the world have discovered new lands, with new resources and opportunities. Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians and Japanese all at once move there to expand the boundaries of their empires. They build new buildings to strengthen their economy, they found mines and fields...... More
Released 25 March 2015
Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Mississippi
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Expansion
In 2050 Mississippi is a toxic sewage draining directly from the interior of Moloch. The river and its vicinity hidden in poisonous fumes are known as the Belt of Death or seedbed of mutants. Warriors of the Mississippi, clad in coats and gas masks, diffuse the worst of the diseases and poison...... More
Released 27 May 2015
Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Uranopolis
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Expansion
Pre-war uranium mines with hidden underground equipment and mining crews managed to survive the apocalypse and are still extracting valuable uranium. Over the following decades, many of the heavy mining machinery was transformed into deadly weapons and sent to defend the underground fortress. And so...... More
Released 27 May 2015
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 (T.O.S.)
Sci Fi Player Elimination Battle Board Game
Neuroshima HEX is a game of tactics, where armies wage continuous battles against each other. Neuroshima Hex 3.0 is the return of the series with new artwork and a new, FIFTH, faction included: Doomsday Machine. This edition also includes material that will allow for SOLO play! The world of Neuro...... More
Released 27 May 2015
Theseus: The Dark Orbit
Science Fiction Point to Point Conflict Boardgame
Theseus: The Dark Orbit puts players in the heart of a conflict between five factions trapped on the eponymous space station in deep space. Only one can survive… Command the marine forces! Use deadly weaponery, setting traps and mines in corridors to defend the human race. Command the al...... More
Released 02 December 2014
Level 7 Omega Protocol
Strategy Cooperative Miniatures Based Boardgame
THEIR GREATEST WEAPON IS FEAR. YOURS IS AN ASSAULT RIFLE. Now overrun with swarms of monstrous genetic creations led by their nefarious alien overseers, the underground facility of Subterra Bravo is the epicenter of an unfathomable government conspiracy—one that must be kept secret at all costs. ...... More
Released 18 September 2013
Arkham Horror Dice Set: Beige and Black (T.O.S.)
A set of Arkham Horror dice in a new colour.
A set of unusual dice created for Arkham Horror. This officially licensed by Fantasy Flight Games expansion pack is a set of 5 wonderful 6-sided dice designed to work with game mechanics and to enrich the gaming experience of the game!...... More
Released 12 January 2011
Arkham Horror Dice Set Black with Green
A set of unusual dice created for Arkham Horror.
Designed by Q-Workshop, producers of high-quality polyhedral dice, these highly-detailed six-sided dice are cast from hand-carved originals, and feature sculpted number faces as well as Elder signs on the "5" and "6" sides indicating successes. Arm yourself against the horror of the Ancient Ones! ...... More
Released 19 June 2012
Classic Tile Building and Collecting Game
Alhambra Granada at the beginning of the 13th century - work has started on building the ALHAMBRA The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills Employ the most suitable teams of Builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right ...... More
Released 03 November 2013
Alhambra: The Falconers
6th Expansion for Alhambra Boardgame
The sixth extension for the Alhambra, mirrors earlier boxed expansions for the game by including four separate expansion modules, each of which can be used individually or combined with any mix of modules from this or other expansions. The four modules included in this expansion are: The Falc...... More
Released 03 December 2013
Alhambra Anniversary Edition (T.O.S.)
Anniversary Edition of Popular Boardgame
Anniversary Edition Granada at the beginning of the 13th century - work has started on building the ALHAMBRA The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills Employ the most suitable teams of Builders and make sure that you always have enough of t...... More
Released 28 October 2014
Escape: Zombie City (T.O.S.)
Escape Real Time Boardgame now with Zombies!
All the fun of Escape, now with zombies! Escape: Zombie City is a real-time board game, where 2-4 players take their turns simultaneously by rolling their 5 dice as fast and as often as they can without waiting for their teammates. The game plays in 15 min. With the town created from randomly dra...... More
Released 02 June 2015
Escape: The Curse of the Temple
Frantic Cooperative Real Time Dice Rolling Adventure Game!
You are a team of adventurers – trapped in a cursed temple. Together you must activate the magic gems in the temple chambers in order to banish the curse. Look out for one another. Some tasks can be accomplished only as a team – and you have only 10 minutes before the temple collapses! Escape ...... More
Released 19 February 2013
Escape: Quests
Escape Boardgame 2nd Expansion
Escape: Quest includes two new expansion modules – Quest Chambers and Character abilities – for Escape: The Curse of the Temple that can be used individually or combined with any other modules for the base game. Quest module: In addition to activating gems, players now need to complete special qu...... More
Released 19 November 2013
Fresco Expansion 2
Fresco Boardgame Expansion
Fresco: Expansion Modules 8, 9 and 10 consists of three additional expansions for Fresco! They can be played individually or combined with any or all other expansions for the game. These expansions are: 8. The Bells – The bishop wants a new bell for the cathedral, and the fresco painters can ...... More
Released 03 December 2013
Award Winning Game of Renaissance Ceiling Painting
The ceiling in the cathedral is getting on a bit and is in urgent need of restoration. The bishop is awaiting important visitors and wants to show off his church from its best side. The players slip into the role of the fresco painters in this colourful family game and have to prove their abilities:...... More
Released 22 June 2010
Kingdom Builder Nomads Expansion
Kingdom Builder Boardgame Expansion
Kingdom Builder: Nomads provides more options and more variety for Donald X. Vaccarino's Kingdom Builder, with four new game boards - and consequently four new powers, such as the power to place one or two stones from a quarry on empty spaces to block them. Three additional Kingdom Builder scoring c...... More
Released 17 April 2012
Kingdom Builder (T.O.S.)
Kingdom Building Boardgame! Winner of German Game of the Year 2012
Designed by Donald X. Vaccarino, designer of Dominion. In Kingdom Builder the players create their own kingdoms by skillfully building their settlements, aiming to earn the most gold by the end of the game. There are nine different kinds of terrain on the variable game board, including locations ...... More
Released 04 September 2012
Medieval Strategy Boardgame
In 1413, the new king of England, Henry V of Lancaster, has ambitious plans: The unification of England and the conquest of the French crown! Each player takes the role of an ambitious aristocratic family. Who will be the best supporter of this young king, and the most powerful Lord of his time? ...... More
Released 11 November 2014
Queen’s Architect (T.O.S.)
Strategy Race Boardgame
A game by Volker Schächtele for two to four architects. You‘re in demand all over the realm! Villages, monasteries and towns need your help to construct important buildings and establishments. Assume the role of an architect and assemble a competent band of craftsmen. Raise buildings and assi...... More
Released 02 June 2015
Redused!!! Ragnar Brother's Sneaky Tile Laying Game
Monastery is a tile laying game in which players construct different parts of a medieval monastery. The work is done by the monks of a player. The monks may move from tile to tile and in addition to building work they can also study, toil or pray. In the ‘icon’ game monks can also make use of the sp...... More
Released 25 June 2008
Broom Service (T.O.S.)
Fantasy Bluffing Simultaneous Action Card Game
2015 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner. Score the most victory points by delivering potions via Broom Service throughout the magical realm. Broom Service is a card-based game that combines luck, skill and balances timely bluffing with clever hand management. Remake of award-winning Witch's Brew...... More
Released 14 July 2015
Castles of Burgundy
REPRINT: Medieval Territory Building Variable Player Power Boardgame
15th century princes from the Loire Valley devote their efforts to strategic trading and building in order to bring their estates to prosperity and prominence. Over the course of 5 rounds, collect the most points by trading, live stock farming, city building and scientific research to win! Co...... More
Released 28 July 2015
San Juan
Second Edition of Cardgame based on Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico’s golden age returns. Through you! Players travel now to the capital city of this beautiful island. Who will build the most important buildings? Players build palaces, poor houses, silver smelters, gold mines, and many others - each with its own special features. The cleverest player wil...... More
Released 31 March 2015
K2 (T.O.S.)
Mountain Climbing Hand management Board Game.
K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth as well as the second deadliest. It’s known as the Savage Mountain, as it kills one person for every four who have reached the summit… And K2 has never been climbed in winter. Now your team stands in its shadow, ready to climb for fame and glory. You kno...... More
Released 16 November 2010
8 Minute Empire: Legends
Fantasy Standalone Sequel to 8 Minute Empire
Build a small empire in a land of legends! Eight-Minute Empire: Legends is a standalone sequel to the area control game Eight-Minute Empire and does not require the original game to play. Just like the original game, players take turns selecting a card from six on display. The card has an action ...... More
Released 19 May 2015
8 Minute Empire
Territory Building Strategy Quick Playing Game
Build an empire and conquer the land in around eight minutes! In Eight-Minute Empire, 2-4 players take turns selecting a card from six displayed. The card gives a good, and also has an action that the player takes immediately. Actions help players take over the map, but sets of goods are worth po...... More
Released 07 May 2014
Mascarade: Expansion
Expansion for Mascarade Game of Bluffing
The Masquerade resumes anew! Will you succumb to the charms of the Courtesan, or the spells of the Necromancer? This expansion contains 13 new characters for even more tense and twist-filled games!...... More
Released 07 October 2014
Coloretto (T.O.S.)
Strategy cardgame
The players draw cards from a card supply in the middle of the table. During the game, the players try to specialize in a few colours, as at the end of the game, a player can score plus points for only 3 colours; the rest score minus points. The more cards a player has of a colour, the more points h...... More
Released 03 December 2008
Famiglia (T.O.S.)
2 Player Gangster Cardgame.
The players control two rival gangs and try to recruit additional gang members from the four families (La Famiglia, The Accountants, The Brutes, The Mercenaries) on the Street. The player, who uses the special abilities of the different families better than his opponent, will get the most influentia...... More
Released 07 December 2010
Antike II
Ancient Civilisation Conquest Strategy Boardgame
Antike II is an exciting strategy game where players represent ancient nations as they evolve and compete against each other. The players establish cities, erect temples, travel the seas, and study to search for new principles in science and technology. They sail the seas to settle new regions and t...... More
Released 24 February 2015
Arctic Scavengers: Recon
Arctic Scavengers Deck Buiding Game Expansion
The world of Arctic Scavengers pits players against one another in an attempt to survive a post-apocalyptic ice age. As the competing tribes developed and grew, headquarters were established for each tribe (supported via the HQ expansion that shipped with the first release). As the tribes evolve...... More
Released 14 July 2015
Arctic Scavengers Base Game and HQ and Recon
Survival Bluffing Deck Building Arctic Theme Card Game
In the year 2097, the entire earth was enveloped in a cataclysmic climate shift plunging the globe into another ice age. Over 90% of the world’s population was eliminated, driving the survivors to band together into loose communities and tribes. Each player is the leader of a small tribe of surv...... More
Released 14 July 2015
Arctic Scavengers (T.O.S.)
Bluffing Card Drafting Arctic Theme Card game
In the year 2097, the entire earth was enveloped in a cataclysmic climate shift, plunging the globe into another ice age. Over 90% of the world’s population was eliminated, driving the survivors to band together into loose communities and tribes. You are the leader of a small tribe of survivors...... More
Released 11 June 2014
This great card game is about planting, trading, and selling beans - 11 kinds of beans (this English version includes all the cards from the original game and the first expansion). Players try to collect large sets of beans to sell for gold. There is limited growing space and always new beans to pla...... More
Bohnaparte (T.O.S.)
Expansion for BOHNANZA game.
Unrest in Beanland. Bean princes in all parts of the land are trying to conquer foreign villages and cities. They use the profits from their bean sales to finance their attacks. At the end of the game, bean thalers have no value. Instead, players only score the lands they control as victory points. ...... More
Released 11 April 2012
Ladies and Gangsters: Bohnanza Expansion
Bohnanza Expansion
Ladies is quite similar to Bohnanza, but gentleman and lady beans have different Beanometers within the same bean type; and baby beans have no Beanometer at all. When harvesting a field, the Beanometer showing on the top-most card (last card played) in the field is the one used for earning gold ...... More
Released 31 March 2015
Princes and Pirates: Bohnanza Expansion
Bohnanza Expansion
With the Pirates expansion, Bohnanza goes to sea. With Bohnanza, when players harvested beans they immediately sold them for gold coins. With Pirates, players may load their harvested beans onto ships which will deliver them to other markets for higher profits. However, there are pirates on the ...... More
Released 31 March 2015
Roman Empire Economic Card Drafting Hand Management Strategy Boardgame
2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire ruled the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. With peace at the borders, harmony inside the provinces, uniform law, and a common currency, the economy thrived and gave rise to mighty Roman dynasties as they expanded throughout the numerous cities. Guide one of these...... More
Released 21 January 2014
Concordia: Britannia and Germania
Concordia Boardgame Expansion
The Concordia: Britannia Expansion features a double-sided expansion maps for Concordia. The Britannia map offers players a more concentrated area of play with only 23 cities in ten provinces. The players start in London and Boulogne and expand the area of Britannia from the south. The Germani...... More
Released 24 February 2015
Dominion (T.O.S.)
Deck Building Board game.
You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions ...... More
Released 27 March 2009
Dominion Base Cards (T.O.S.)
Dominion Boardgame Accessory
This is a set of 250 cards: all the basic Victory, Treasure, and Curse cards from the Dominion games and its expansions. It does not include any Victory or Treasure cards that are Kingdom cards. All cards bear new graphics and are compatible with Dominion and all its extensions. These cards can be u...... More
Released 07 August 2012
Dominion: Guilds
The 8th Expansion to Dominion Boardgame
Jobs, everyone’s worried about jobs. Whatever happened to tilling the fields in obscurity? The economy is just a trick, like stealing someone's nose, but lately people seem to have seen through it, like when you realize someone hasn’t really stolen your nose. So now everyone’s joining a guild, learn...... More
Released 16 July 2013
Dominion: Hinterlands
Dominion Boardgame Expansion
The world is big and your kingdom small. Small when compared to the world, that is; it’s moderate-sized when compared to other kingdoms. But in a big world like this one - big when compared to smaller worlds anyway, if such things exist; it’s moderate-sized when compared to worlds of roughly the sam...... More
Released 06 December 2011
Dominion: Adventures
9th Expansion for popular Dominion Deck Building Game.
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. You're not sure which, but at least you've narrowed it down. You are rich with life experiences, but have had trouble trading them for goods and services. It's time to seek your fortune, or anyone's really, whoever's is closest. To the west there's a lan...... More
Released 06 May 2015

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