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Heroes of the Falklands
Lock 'n Load Tactical Modern Warfare Board Wargame
Heroes of the Falklands brings you to the windswept, rocky landscape of the Falkland Islands—or Islas Malvinas, as they are known by the Argentines. The brief but brutal war in 1982 began after the Argentines unexpectedly seized Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, and the island of South Georgia ...... More
Released 05 April 2016
X Maps: Heroes of Normandy: Lock n Load Tactical System (T.O.S.)
Lock n Load Tactical Series: Heroes of Normandy Map
What are the X-Maps you ask? X-Maps simply put are larger maps able to be used with the Lock ‘n Load Tactical game series. X-Maps are the same as their standard maps in every way except they are comprised of larger hexes, which contain nearly twice the area of the standard hexes. X-Maps are 11...... More
Released 09 February 2016
Heroes of Normandy: Lock n Load Tactical System
WWII Squad Level Lock n Load Tactical Combat Board Wargame
Heroes of Normandy The award-winning, squad-level Lock ’n Load Tactical Series jumps into Western Europe in 1944 with Heroes of Normandy. From the initial D-Day drops, on June 6th, to the fighting in the Norman bocage, and on to Operation Market Garden, this combination of Band of Heroes and its exp...... More
Released 09 February 2016
For King and Country (T.O.S.)
Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios
For King and Country contains the complete (in ASL terms!) Order of Battle for the British along with eight mapboards (not available in any other ASL module) and 20 revised and updated scenarios from our favourites which appeared in past magazines or modules that are now unavailable. These scenar...... More
Released 27 September 2011
Yanks: ASL
Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios
May 11th, 1944 ... The Germans had exacted a heavy toll for American advances in Italy. Night attacks were now deemed necessary to break the stalemate. The moon was new, but the lack of cloud cover made it seem incredibly bright, or so it seemed to the men of Company F as they stepped off into the...... More
Released 01 November 2016
ASL Action Pack 10 (T.O.S.)
Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios
Action Pack 10 features two new 8" x 22" maps (board 69 and board 70) of largely open countryside with a small village, and 8 scenarios which use them. Best Think Again (Russians vs Germans, June 1941, Saudinikai, Russia) Show Of Force (Germans vs Russians, March 1943, Graiworon, Ukraine...... More
Released 02 December 2014
RESTOCK: Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook 2nd Edition
World War II Tactical Level Combat System
ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER RULES 2nd Edition: World War II Tactical Level Combat ASL The premier game system of tactical-level World War II combat uniquely combines soundness of design with attention to detail and ease of play. Built on the popular Squad Leader system, ASL has long been the ultimate i...... More
Released 24 January 2017
ASL Action Pack 9: To The Bridge
Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios
TO THE BRIDGE!, the ninth “action pack” for Advanced Squad Leader, focuses on the 1942 Japanese invasion of Burma and the crushing Allied defeat and retreat to India. Beginning with the December 1941 invasion of Thailand and ending with the disaster at the Sittang bridge in February 1942, TO THE BRI...... More
Released 24 June 2014
ASL Action Pack 4 (T.O.S.)
Advanced Squad Leader Expansion
ASL Action Pack #4 – Normandy 1944 is a scenario bundle featuring action in the bocage country of Normandy after the D-Day invasion. The scenarios represent a wide variety of situations involving German, American, British and Polish forces. In addition to three new mapboards (53, 54 and 55), AP4 als...... More
Released 23 July 2008
ASL Action Pack 5: East Front (T.O.S.)
Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios
ASL Action Pack 5 - East Front is a scenario bundle featuring the battles fought on the East Front. The scenarios represent actions from Barbarossa through the bitter end in 1945 with three new ASL geomorphic maps (56, 57, 58). Action Pack #5 - East Front is sure to be enjoyed by veteran ASL players...... More
Released 24 June 2014
Hakkaa Paalle: ASL Module 14 (T.O.S.)
Advanced Squad Leader Module 14
Hakkaa Päälle! (Advanced Squad Leader Module 14) provides the ASL player with the complete order of battle for the Finns, including every major vehicle, gun, and squad type that saw combat during World War II. Chapter H distills years of research into pages of detailed notes on the guns and vehicles...... More
Released 08 April 2015
ASL Action Pack 12
More ASL Scenarios
Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX is a celebration of the 30th running of ASL Oktoberfest in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. The pack spans the globe and nearly 13 years of small unit actions surrounding the World War II era, with scenarios brought to you by four Ohio designers who have been integral co...... More
Released 17 November 2015
ASL Action Pack 11: 29 Lets Go
More ASL Scenarios
The 29th Infantry Division was a National Guard division filled out by draftees, mostly from Maryland and Virginia. Its three infantry regiments traced their roots back to before the American War of Independence and through the American Civil War, leading to the 29th being called the"Blue and Gray D...... More
Released 20 October 2015
Last Blitzkreig (T.O.S.)
World War II Battalion Combat Wargame
Last Blitzkrieg is the first entry in the new Battalion Combat Series (BCS), which simulates combat in World War II (and beyond) at the battalion scale. Its subject is the German Ardennes offensive Wacht Am Rhein (the Battle of the Bulge) on four detailed maps (at 1km per hex) and with 1,680 counter...... More
Released 13 September 2016
The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold (T.O.S.)
Monster Historical Wargame of the Battle for Normandy
"The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold" is the first volume in a three volume series covering the battle of Normandy in June of 1944. It not only introduces a new theater but also provides version 2.0 updates for the GTS rules. Assaults have been streamlined, the artillery rules have been improved...... More
Released 20 October 2015
A Victory Denied (T.O.S.)
WWII Board Wargame: International Game Series.
In July of 1941, the German Army stood at the very door of Moscow. The Soviet forces before them had been routed and the path to yet another great victory for the Wehrmacht was seemingly undefended. But it was here that the Russian Army successfully rallied. For the first time in this terrible war, ...... More
Released 07 October 2009
Beyond The Rhine
The Battle of the Bulge WWII Board Wargame.
Beyond the Rhine depicts the campaign for Northwest Europe from September 1944 to April 1945. It begins with the German Army reeling from a string of near-fatal defeats, and in full retreat to the safety of the West Wall where it hopes to make a stand. The Allies, flush with victory, believe one mor...... More
Released 08 September 2015
Reluctant Enemies
WWII Operational Combat Series Board Wargame
Reluctant Enemies (“RE”) is small game meant to serve as an accessible introduction to the Operational Combat Series (“OCS”). It is one map, with 60 or so combat units (both players) in action at any given time. This allows for a pace of play not possible with the previously published OCS monster ga...... More
Released 28 May 2014
Albert Nofis The Great War 1914-1918
A Grand Strategic Wargame of the Entire First World War
There never was a war like the Great War, whether before or since. It was a war which everyone expected-indeed which some demanded and desired passionately-but when it came, it came as a surprise and in a way no one anticipated. It was a war which everyone had been preparing for , but for which no o...... More
Released 26 July 2016
Folio Series No.7: Battle of the Atlantic (T.O.S.)
Solitaire WWII Wargame Campaing on The High Seas
With the British and French entrance into World War II on September 3, 1939, the German Kriegsmarine moved to implement strategies similar to those used in World War I. Unable to challenge the Royal Navy in regard to capital ships, the Kriegsmarine began a campaign against Allied shipping with the g...... More
Released 15 March 2016
Folio Series No.8: Fall of Berlin (T.O.S.)
Solitaire Wargame of the Last Days of the Reich
Starting on 12 January 1945, the Red Army breached the German front as a result of the Vistula– Oder Offensive and advanced westward as much as 40 kilometres (25 miles) a day through East Prussia, Lower Silesia, East Pomerania, and Upper Silesia, temporarily halting on a line 60 km (37 mi) east of...... More
Released 24 May 2016
Folio Series No.6: Middle Creek
Wargame of simulation of American Civil War small-unit tactics
In a fight that largely determined the fate of eastern Kentucky, two small armies clashed along the swollen tributary of Middle Creek. An officer of some promise, Humphrey Marshall, generaled the CSA. A relative unknown commanded the USA by the name of James A. Garfield. At the end of the day, Mars...... More
Released 26 January 2016
Holy Roman Empire Boxed Game (T.O.S.)
Multi Player Wargame of The Thirty Years War
Holy Roman Empire is a political and military game of the 17th Century struggle for empire that plunged Europe into one of its longest and most destructive wars. Up to six players control the major dynasties of the era, fielding armies and navies and engaging in diplomatic intrigue and bribery to de...... More
Released 12 January 2016
Putin Strikes: The Coming War for Eastern Europe
Board Wargame of What If Modern Warfare
Putin Strikes: The Coming War for Eastern Europe is a two-player game (solitaire suitable) in which one player (the Russian player) commands the Kremlin's forces, and the other (the Allied player) commands a polyglot international coalition opposed to him. This isn't a simulation of the "opaque (a.k...... More
Released 07 March 2017
The Second World War
Strategy Historical Simulation Board Wargame of the Entire WWII
The Second World War is a grand-strategic, historical simulation game about World War II. Players represent the major powers involved in the conflict and have at their command the forces with which to wage war and achieve victory for their country or alliance. The game covers the European, North Af...... More
Released 14 March 2017
Special Study 4: Friedland 1807
Napoleonic Warfare Publication
Each special studies volume is 128 pages and is physically similar to the first Study published last year by OSG (8.5" x 11" full-colour cover, perfect bound). Each contains a day-by-day record of the campaign, supplemented with 35 maps and 100 pages of appendices....... More
Released 20 August 2008
The King is Dead
Arthurian Medieval Political Boardgame
The King is Dead is a board game of politics and power struggles in the dark Arthurian Britain for 2 to 4 players. King Arthur is dead. The nation is divided. The Saxons are coming. Now, more than ever, Britain needs a ruler who can unite the kingdom, but who will take the crown? Players work ...... More
Released 22 September 2015
Panzer General: Russian Assault
WWII Strategy Boardgame
Panzer General: Russian Assault is a sequel to the hit title Panzer General: Allied Assault and is a quick playing game of WWII tactical / operational combat using a unique blend of cards, miniatures, and a board game. The game will support both solo and 2-Player game play. There are 80 plastic m...... More
Released 14 September 2010
Battle of Britain
Remastered and Upgraded Version of The TSR Classic
Battle of Britain by Richard Borg, a remastering and upgrading of the classic, much loved old TSR classic. This upgraded version takes all the brilliant mechanics and features of the original game and adds new features to give an even more exciting and satisfying gaming experience, including new str...... More
Released 15 June 2018
Whippet Tank Expansion: The Great War Boardgame
The Great War Boardgame Tank Expansion Add On
The Great War Boardgame Tank Expansion Add On This pack contains 3 x 1/100 scale assembled and painted British WWI Whippet tank for the Commands and Colours The Great war Boardgame and its Tank Expansion Pack ...... More
Released 05 April 2016
The Great War Boardgame (T.O.S.)
Commands and Colours:WWI Board Wargame
The Great War, the latest adaptation of Richard Borg's Command & Colours system, brings the epic battles of World War 1 to the gaming table, allowing players to portray important engagements throughout WWI history. The battles, included in the scenario booklet, focus on the historical deployment...... More
Released 07 July 2015
The American Revolution: Hold The Line
Remaster of Clash for a Continent and the original Hold the Line by Worthington Games.
Hold the Line, The American Revolution is an innovative collaboration between Worthington Publishing and The Plastic Soldier Company/PSC Games to reproduce and remaster some of Worthington Games original titles. Combining CLASH FOR A CONTINENT, the original HOLD THE LINE, plus 18 new original scen...... More
Released 28 February 2017
A Few Acres of Snow (T.O.S.)
Martin Wallace Historical Card Driven Game
Two-player only game. It covers the long struggle between Britain and France for control of what eventually became Canada. The version on offer is the standard edition, the limited edition is now sold out. The game involves a deck-building mechanism which may be familiar to those people who have ...... More
Released 17 April 2012
Battle of the Metaurus
Turning Point Simulation Decisive Battle Series Board Wargame
How Hannibal Lost the War... As people think over the actions of Hannibal in the 2nd Punic War, many great battles come to mind…Cannae, Zama, Trebia, Lake Trasimene… Yet, Creasy chose The Metaurus as the decisive battle for the entire war. How can that be? Hannibal was not even there! But h...... More
Released 25 June 2013
The Battle of Arbela
Alexander's Greatest Victory!
One of the interesting aspects of military history, throughout the ages, has been the match-up of commanders. Two single people, each commanding a mighty army, "meet" on a battlefield and decide... something. They very seldom actually "meet," of course, and crossing swords has almost never happened...... More
Released 13 June 2017
W1815 (T.O.S.)
Board Wargame of Battle Of Waterloo played In 15 Minutes
The battle of Waterloo was fought on the 18th of June 1815 between a French army under the command of Napoleon and the Anglo-Allied army under the command of Wellington. The French aim was to destroy Wellington’s army in detail before Blücher’s Prussian corps could reinforce it. As the game begins, ...... More
Released 06 May 2015
Dads Army - Home Guard Platoon
28mm pewter miniatures based on the classic TV series
From the manufacturer's website: During the dark days of 1940, Britain was under dire threat of Nazi invasion. A massive citizen army, the Local Defence Volunteers, was raised to defend their families and homes. Although armed with old or ad hoc weapons and equipment the Home Guard, as it became ...... More
Released 04 March 2014
Axis and Allies Europe: 1940 2nd Edition
Deluxe Edition of The Original Theater-level Boardgame
Decide the Fate of a Nation and the Destiny of the World Includes new Italian miniatures as well as new mechanized infantry, transport, and anti-aircraft artillery pieces.  Axis & Allies Europe 1940 can be combined with Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 to create the greatest Axis & Allies ...... More
Released 20 June 2014
Ghost Panzer 2nd Edition: Band of Brothers (T.O.S.)
Fast Playing WWII Game of Squad Level Combat of the 101st Airborne from D-Day to the Bulge.
Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer is a fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the exploits of the German 11th Panzer Division in Russia from 1941 to 1944. The rules are very simple (no combat charts are needed) with very few exceptions to remember and yet the game is meant to be all...... More
Released 18 October 2016
Screaming Eagles 2nd Edition: Band of Brothers (T.O.S.)
Fast Playing WWII Game of Squad Level Combat of the 101st Airborne from D-Day to the Bulge.
Fight with the 101st Airborne in Europe in 1944-45 through some of the toughest fighting in WWII. What’s new to Screaming Eagles Second Edition: Stronger and larger box. All of the maps have the new remastered artwork and are mounted. An up-to-date series rule book. New and extra counters. An impr...... More
Released 18 October 2016
Enemies of Rome
Roman Republic Fast Playing Strategy Wargame
The Game: It is 300 BC. Since being founded as a Republic in 509 BC Rome has grown in power and influence. Now it is your time… You and up to 4 other players are one of Rome’s great leaders. Take control of legions and lead them across the known world for the next 600 years as you deal with uprisi...... More
Released 07 August 2018
Guns of Galicia
WW1 Simulation Board Wargame
Guns of Galicia (GoG) uses the same core rules as Guns of August (GoA) to simulate Corp-level fighting on the Eastern Front in WWI. Game mechanics compensate for players’ 20/20 hindsight to encourage historically accurate play that makes “sense” in game terms while avoiding a “straight jacket” o...... More
Released 27 November 2012
Holdfast Eastfront (T.O.S.)
World War II Board Wargame on the Russian Campaign
HoldFast Russia 1941-42 is our strategic World War II game on the Russian Campaign. It is the first of our Campaigns of World War II series. It uses wooden blocks for fog of war and hex movement. Clean mechanics and a manageable number of units allow for the entire campaign to be played in a even...... More
Released 25 July 2017
Naval War of 1812 200th Anniversary Edition
Limited Edition of Anglo-American Naval War Board Wargame
Showcasing the global commerce war between Great Britain and the young United States. The goal of the American player is to hunt down British merchant ships while avoiding their warships. The British goal is to seek out the American frigates and merchant ships, while protecting their own. The game ...... More
Released 18 December 2012
Saratoga 1777
American Revolution Wargame
Burgoyne’s campaign to split the colonies using Worthington Publishings revolutionary war campaign system from NY 1776 and Trenton 1776. WHAT’S SARATOGA 1777: Saratoga 1777 is a war game about the American Revolutionary War campaign led by British General Burgoyne against the American colonist led ...... More
Released 07 August 2018

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